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Mad Kurt & Dan Magee return to Revolution Pro Wrestling

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

This past Sunday in London, we witnessed the return of Mad Kurt and Dan Magee to Revolution Pro Wrestling in what was Kurt’s first time being seen by RevPro fans since Dan Moloney destroyed him at Epic Encounters 11 last year.

In what could’ve been a huge opportunity for Magee and Kurt to prove their worth as a unit in Revolution Pro Wrestling, they faced the Undisputed British Tag Team Champions, TK Cooper and Chuck Mambo, Sunshine Machine. Following TK and Mambo bringing home the win , TK took to the microphone and expressed his concern to Dan Magee over the decision to be teaming with Mad Kurt.

Towards the latter stages contest, Kurt had looked to have Sunshine Machine beat in the middle of ring after nailing TK Cooper with the SEGA Mega Driver yet instead of making the cover and capitalising on the opening he had created himself, that immaturity of Kurt began to shine through as he took great joy in laughing at the scene of the fallen champions. Ultimately, it wasn't very long before Kurt's antics caught up with the keyboard warrior and Sunshine Machine would go on to be victorious in the opening contest of Live in London 58.

TK and Mambo could read the look of disappointment and frustration on Dan Magee’s face as he stood over his fallen partner and echoed the sentiments made by Eddie Kingston two years ago that if Dan were to abandon Kurtis in pursuit of a new tag team partner, he could seriously make something of himself. It's difficult to disagree with TK here when you consider that Kurtis had the contest falling in his favour before taking his foot off the gas before reaching the end of the tunnel and securing victory.

Sunshine Machine are the physical embodiment of what you can become if you start to believe in yourself and take your profession seriously. They became a self fulfilling prophecy of a team who capped themselves at “Escaping the Midcard” before understanding their full potential and embarking on this journey where they’ve finally managed to crown themselves the Undisputed British Tag Team Champions.

You can only begin to imagine the frustration building up in Dan Magee throughout the duration of this match but as we’ve seen time and time again, Dan has never turned his back on his friend no matter how much of an idiot he is but how much longer can Dan really stand for this?

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