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Patreon: Q&A with Andy Quildan Added

Patreon Q&A With Andy Quildan up now!

As a part of our Patreon subscription service we regularly upload content that you as RevPro fans may enjoy! The latest thing to be uploaded is for all tiers is our regular Q&A with Promoter Andy Quildan.

As a Patreon you have the opportunity to ask Andy any questions every 2-3 weeks with the guarantee he will tackle each and every one of them in a Patreon exclusive Q&A!

Topics covered include

- Arsenal Vs Fullham

- Out there gimmick matches

- Epic Encounters 1

- Ospreay Vs Vader

- Controversial end to Pac Vs Ospreay

- Legends in RevPro

- Walter Vs Kojima

- Turning trainees into Contenders

- Tomohiro Ishii

- Bret Hart Interaction

- Kota Ibushi in UK

- Dan Moloneys hunt for British Heavyweight Championship

- Favourite RevPro Match

& more!

Patreon tiers start at just £5 per month, cancel anytime with no commitments. To sign up to our Patreon & get instant access to this Q&A as well as all other content visit

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