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Portsmouth School of Wrestling Update: Beginners & New Starters Return Announced

It was great to be back this past weekend with our first teenager’s session in over 5 months!

After assessing the session, we are pleased to be able to open up an additional 2 places per session bringing the capacity in line with our adult sessions, up to 12 students per session.

Please note at this time we are still only open for those who attended either the teenager or juniors class prior to lockdown. We hope to have news on new starters in the teenager age category as well as plans for returning juniors in the next few weeks.

*** Beginner Sessions Return! ***

Adult beginner Sessions INCLUDING NEW STARTERS WITH OR WITHOUT EXPERIENCE will re-open on Monday September 7th • Please note that until further notice this is currently the only route for new starters to join & link up with our more advanced classes but given the time off that everyone has had we feel this is more than appropriate!

The rules are very similar to our other sessions but still very important to read through:

• Head trainer of beginner’s sessions will remain Dan Magee • Session time Monday’s 7pm – 9pm • Beginners sessions are open to 16+ (under 18’s will require a permission form to be completed by parents/guardians) • All sessions must now be booked in advance until further notice. Here is the link to book: You are welcome to book for future weeks as well & can book for up to 4 students in one go. • We will be adding PayPal as an additional payment method over the next few days. • Sessions are priced at £12. Please note despite the slight rise in price due to the current situation we have done everything we can to keep it as low as possible! • We are currently limited to TWELVE people per session. We will look to increase capacity as we go on but for the foreseeable future we will need to cap it here. • We ask students arrive at the school wearing training gear, minus boots. There are to be no outdoor shoes worn in the ring • Where possible please don’t bring bags in to the school. • Please do not try to bombard your way into the school, you will need to line up outside with a minimum 1 meter distance between each person in the queue. • When you arrive at the school, you will need to sign in at the desk and have your temperature checked (37.7 is out cut off point). • Please do not attend if you are experiencing any Covid symptoms or have been in contact with anyone with symptoms ( • You must use hand sanitizer provided every time you enter and leave the school and should aim to use it at least once every 30 minutes. • When you arrive you will be allocated a chair. This will be your seat for the duration of the session. • Inside the school social distancing should be applied at all times where possible. Even once we get back to contact sessions. • Masks/face coverings must be worn at all times when inside and not in the ring, unless you have a specific medical condition that you need to make us aware of in advance. Masks may be removed outside. • We will have masks available for £8 if anyone doesn’t have or forgets them. • Your name MUST be written on your water bottle (we can do this when you arrive if you lack a sharpie) and you may only drink from your own bottle. • Sadly shouting and cheering as an ‘audience’ should not happen, polite applause (CLAPPING) is fine though! • The school will open 15 MINUTES prior to each session and will start on the hour prompt. • At the end of each session a small number will be required to help with disinfecting the school (different helpers each week) • Anyone turning up late will be required to still do the warm up. • ALL RUBBISH MUST BE TAKEN WITH YOU or simply thrown in the bin outside which believe it or not has always been there !!!! This rule applies to parents & guardians as well !!!! • We will have both doors open for ventilation. As a result we have to request there will be strictly no smoking outside the immediate vicinity of the school. • We will not be retaining any lost property for more than one week so please make sure you have all your belongings with you & if you miss something message us straight away. • The first few sessions back will be non-contact sessions however we have the roadmap to get back to safe contact sessions. The non-contact sessions are a very big key to getting everyone set up in contact bubbles which will be the first step to returning to full contact. If anyone has any questions then please let us know!

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Albert Dexter
Albert Dexter
Oct 23, 2023

I'm very happy to hear about the return of the newcomers and newcomers to the Portsmouth Wrestling School. This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who wants to join and learn the basics. This is important in any business even in writing written works and that is why when I refer to then while studying I can write essays for topics like depression. This is very important for me because I can spend more time fighting.

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