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Preview: Live In Southampton 26

THIS SUNDAY, 8th October is RevPro Sunday! Revolution Pro Wrestling returns to Southampton for another dose of Pro Wrestling At It's Best and TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE NOW!

Last time we were in the 1865 in Southampton we were on the final stops on the road to the Copper Box Arena for the 11th Anniversary show and now we return in the middle of the Great British Tag League and on the eve of the British J Cup. With a stacked seven match card featuring two Tag League fixtures, two J Cup entrants competing and the Undisputed British Heavyweight Champion in action, let's look ahead to Live in Southampton 26...

And where better to begin than with the Great British Tag League. We have both an A Block and a B Block bout for you with Greedy Souls facing CPF and Lykos Gym taking on the Billington Bulldogs. In their opening match of the tournament, Souls took the first three points, in dramatic fashion, defeating your Undisputed British Tag Team Champions, Subculture, in St Neots. This Sunday they look to go two for two, for 6 points, against CPF. Joe Lando and Danny Black represented the Close Personal Friends stable in the 229 last week against Leon Slater and Cameron Khai but, with Joe Lando injured in the match, it will be Black and Maverick Mayhew representing in the 1865. Can CPF show up and show out or will Souls hit the magic formula of Opponent Isolation + Soul Destroyer = Game Over?

Across the blocks the Shhh... Wolves, Kid Lykos and Kid Lykos II welcome Tom and Mark Billington, the Billington Bulldogs, to Revolution Pro Wrestling as the nephews of British Wrestling legend Dynamite Kid make their RevPro debuts. After the Knights picked up the win over Trew and Lacey in the opening match of the A Block in London, both Lykos Gym and The Bulldogs will be looking to take a vital 3 points in Southampton before both teams will face Zak and RKJ, later this autumn as the Great British Tag League continues. In true "styles make matches" fashion, this match could be a sleeper hit for this upcoming card with the Lykos Wolves bringing the speed and the high octane offence whilst Tom and Mark Billington will look to bring the grounded, technical offence, synonymous with British Pro Wrestling. We can't wait for this one!

Elsewhere on the card we will see two of the eight British J Cup entrants in action. The first of which will be 2022 J Cup winner Robbie X, wrestling his 30th RevPro match of the year, against Spike Trivet, 'The Vulture', making his RevPro debut. Spike made his intentions clear at the Copper Box Arena in August when he confronted the Undisputed British Heavyweight Champion, Michael Oku, after his successful title defence against Trent Seven. At the time Oku told him Trivet, like everyone at RevPro, has to earn their opportunities and this match was proposed by Trivet in response, appearing on the screen at the 229 last week in London to challenge Robbie X. Question marks will remain over the condition of Robbie's ankle after injuring it at the 229 prior to what was an epic main event against Oku, pushing the champion to the very limit, even with only one good wheel. Has Robbie had time to recover or will 'The Vulture' look to exploit the injury to ensure his first RevPro match puts him in contention for a championship match in his second?

The second of the J Cup entrants in action is 'The Youngest in Charge', Leon Slater. Last time out Leon and Cameron Khai managed to channel the competition between them to great affect in their first tag match, facing Black and Lando of CPF. Khai and Slater have been in one another's orbit for most of the year and a rivalry and competition has formed through the fan comparison of the two young prodigies. This Sunday both men are in action, with Leon facing JJ Gale in a rematch of their encounter last November in the 229 and Khai has the unenviable task to taking on Luke Jacobs. Slater will look to build momentum going into the British J Cup in Stevenage on the 21st October whilst JJ will be looking to bounce back from defeat to Jacobs last time out and return to the form that saw him win his four previous singles matches.

Luke Jacobs, on the other hand, has certainly cemented his transition from Cruiserweight to Heavyweight and has his eyes set on Undisputed British Heavyweight Champion Michael Oku. However standing before him are Cameron Khai in Southampton and Ricky Knight Jr in Stevenage on the 21st. However, he'll be wise to ensure he doesn't look past the youngest wrestler on the roster as Khai has taken both Heavyweight and Cruiserweight Champions to their limits this year and is getting closer and closer to that one big breakout win. Two show stealers on the cards right here.

And whilst Luke Jacobs has his eyes set on Michael Oku, so it appears do many others. RKJ reminded the London faithful last week that he is STILL the Uncrowned Heavyweight Champion having never been pinned or submitted for the belt. Spike Trivet seems to want to cut the line. Gabe Kidd has the next shot, one on one with the Undisputed British Heavyweight Champion, with the gold on the line, in Stevenage, October 21st. But before then, the champion faces off across the squared circle from Sha Samuels in a first time ever encounter of two pillars of Revolution Pro Wrestling; the first ever RevPro British Heavyweight Champion Vs the current British Heavyweight Champion. If Sha can do want Trent Seven, Robbie X and Hechicero couldn't, and defeat the champion, then you'd have to think RevPro match makers would have quite the decision to make going into the remainder of the month.

Finally, we will see the return of Dani Luna, who in her last time out missed out on capturing the Undisputed British Women's Championship against Alex Windsor in the Priory Centre in St Neots in the main event slot. Dani will be looking to bounce back against the veteran Mercedez Blaze, with the hard hitting, sharp tongued Londoner looking for her first win in RevPro in 2023 after finding the form with three singles victories last hear leading to an ultimately unsuccessful challenge of Kanji's Southside Women's Championship at the time. Mercedez certainly has everything needed to succeed in RevPro - ability for days, a mean streak and a top class pedigree but she needs to find a run of victories if she wants to challenge once more for gold. As for Luna, a win her puts her back in the mix and is a must for her if she is to have any chance of facing Windsor once more this autumn.

So, there we have it, Live In Southampton 26. Another banging card, another dose of Pro Wrestling At It's Best and another show jam packed full of matches with stakes and story, just what we promise to always deliver wherever we are performing. Join us live at the 1865, with tickets available BELOW or, if you can't be there live, sign up to for the live stream. Whilst you are there you will have full access to the RevPro archives, a press eleven years of Pro Wrestling At It's Best for the Pro Wrestling historians out there. One way or another, we look forward to welcoming you to the Revolution this Sunday.


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