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Recap and Highlights of the News this Week (8th-14th Feb)

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

New champions at High Stakes

In what was arguably the greatest York Hall show to date, we had three, brand new champions.

Our opening contest saw the Undisputed British Women’s Championship on the line as challenger GISELE SHAW, took on champion ZOE LUCAS. With SHAW going straight for the throat of LUCAS, the quintessential diva knew this chance wasn’t going to pass her by again. As she bled from the mouth, SHAW didn’t let anything get in her way, as she made the champion tap out for SHAW to win the Undisputed British Women’s Championship.

As part of our co-main event, we had a rematch from Summer Sizzler, between fan favourite MICHAEL OKU, and Undisputed British Cruiserweight Champion, EL PHANTASMO. With the ‘Headbanger’ throwing a catalogue of moves from Bullet Club members past and present at the ‘Master of the Half-Crab’ only for OKU’s resilience to prevail, as he powered through the pain, with the crowd firmly behind him, tapping out the Bullet Club member and claiming the Undisputed British Cruiserweight Championship, immediately celebrating with the fans that have stood by him from day one.

The final, new champion came from over 7 years in the making, as the 'aerial assassin', WILL OSPREAY had his rematch with ZACK SABRE JR from New Beginning in Sapporo, for the Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship. With both Greg Burridge and Garry Vanderhorne in OSPREAY’s corner to support him throughout the match, his parents in attendance, and the fans firmly behind him, this was his moment. ZSJ tried throughout to get into the head of the aerial assassin throughout the match and ground him, however, OSPREAY’s athleticism, newfound strength and immense support from the fans forced him to power through. Nothing was going to stop OSPREAY from winning that belt. From a combination of sheer willpower and athletic brilliance, the ‘aerial assassin’ finally won the big one, becoming only the second triple crown champion in Revolution Pro Wrestling history.

High Stakes 2020 is available to watch at for only $8.49 a month.

The Legion acquires some new recruits

In the wake of High Stakes, THE LEGION have seemingly recruited two new members into their ranks in MARK & VICKY HASKINS, shocking everyone in attendance. While referee Oscar Harding was distracted by the ringside members of the dominant faction, during the tag-team title match against the team of DAVID STARR & DAMIAN DUNNE, the HASKINS family came running out with ‘the Preacher’s Son’ dishing out a low blow to both of the challengers for THE LEGION to pick up the win and keep hold of their titles.

Chris Brookes’ last match in RevPro for a year

High Stakes also saw CHRIS BROOKES’ last match in Revolution Pro Wrestling, for at least a year, before he moves out to Japan. Competing in a 6-man scramble match, BROOKES was a stand out during the matchup as he tied up every wrestler in a inventive chain link of submissions during the scramble. As he left the fans showed their clear appreciation for what BROOKES has done within RevPro and British wrestling, as he said goodbye to the fans, in his own, special way.

RPW On Demand

As ever, is an exciting place to be if you’re a professional wrestling fan, as well as new shows from the likes of BAR WRESTLING, ECCW (Canada), AAW & Defy, you can catch the latest releases from Rev Pro and now, the Southside Wrestling Library:

Live at the Cockpit 49: Headlined by an intense, high-flying match up with the team of ROBBIE X & RICKY KNIGHT JR taking on two of the young gems of RevPro in MICHAEL OKU & SHOTA UMINO. As well as an incredibly hard-hitting bout between EDDIE KINGSTON & DAN MAGEE and a fast-paced, rip-roaring match between KYLE FLETCHER & MARK HASKINS.

Thank You and Goodnight: An incredibly emotional show for all involved as both Southside Wrestling’s 9th anniversary and their final show is now up on, featuring AEW Superstars, SHAWN SPEARS, MJF and CODY & BRANDI RHODES, as well as Southside favourites, SEAN KUSTOM, SENZA VOLTO & RICKY KNIGHT JR.

All of this and more is available on for only $8.49 a month with over 925+ hours of incredible wrestling footage from across the globe.

Show Announcements

Epic Encounter – 8th May – York Hall, Bethnal Green

Tickets for Epic Encounter go on general sale on Wednesday at 7pm.

All of our upcoming events can be found here.

Match Announcements

Here’s a breakdown of all the matches announced this week as we continue our busiest and best year to date!







You can grab your tickets for each show by clicking on the show title. Tickets for Epic Encounter go on general sale tonight, February 19th at 7pm.

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