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Recap and Highlights of the News this Week (7th - 13th March)

RICKY KNIGHT JR. defeats Ring of Honor Champion

Ricky Knight Jr has once again proven to be one of the most incredible professional wrestlers in the world today. As not only did himself, Michael Oku and Robbie X pick up an impressive tag victory at ‘Risky Business’ in Sheffield on Saturday, March 7th, but he defeated one half of the Ring Of Honor Tag Team Champions, Jay Lethal, the following day at ‘Lethal Weapon’ in St. Neots.

With a shot at the Speedking Championship on the line, as decided between both competitors in the ring at Lethal Weapon, what seemed like a friendly contest, suddenly became a lot more serious. As both competitors matched each other, move for move in the ring, Lethal became flustered and furious, believing that the impressive Speedking Champion was taking the mick out of the champion, whereas RKJ, was simply trying to match Lethal’s ability.

From that moment, the intensity between the two grew, as Lethal was now holding nothing back, his speed and ferocity grew. But even with a young head like RKJ, he recognised this, upping his game also, using his incredible speed and power to throw off the veteran.

The pair left it all in the ring, as RKJ proved that when it comes to his Speedking Championship, few wrestlers can stand toe to toe with him, hitting his piledriver to pick up the win over the Ring of Honor Superstar.

FLETCHER and UMINO come to blows

Two of Revolution Pro’s fan favourites have developed some severe animosity towards each other. As the pair had only their second tag team match together, another miscommunication caused the pairing to lose. As Mad Kurt was hooked up for a combination move from the pair, he slipped out, with Fletcher subsequently hitting Shota with a superkick instead, allowing for Mad Kurt to roll up Shota for the victory.

Afterward, the two had a heated war of words, with Mad Kurt deciding to intervene, pushing ‘Shooter’ into the ‘Aussie Arrow’ which only made things worse between the pairing before they started whaling on each other. The two had to be pulled apart, with Fletcher storming to the back before anything could be resolved.

RevPro is in the ResGal

We have announced a major, one night only, pop up wrestling show at the resistance gallery on March 26th, featuring our Undisputed British Champions, Will Ospreay, Michael Oku and Gisele Shaw at the Resistance Gallery. Unfortunately, tickets for this are already sold out.

Show Announcements

One Night Only Pop-up Wrestling Show – 26th March – Bethnal Green – Resistance Gallery

Match Announcements

One Night Only Pop-Up - London - 26th March - Bethnal Green

Will Ospreay, Michael Oku & Shota Umino vs Kyle Fletcher, David Starr & RKJ

Connor Mills vs Callum Newman

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