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Robbie X & Connor Mills to open proceedings this Sunday on FITE!

Revolution Pro Wrestling returns this Sunday on FITE! as we present Epic Encounters One.

It goes without saying that the first contest in a RevPro ring in 5 months is a very intriguing one. In a first-time bout ‘True Grit’ Connor Mills will go up against the ‘Innovator of Excellence’ Robbie X.

As the breaks were put on our 2020 campaign these two men were in very different positions, but we can essentially throw all of that out the window as it’s impossible to pretend that time passed hasn’t changed things. This is a chance for both men to make a fresh start.

The most intriguing thing may be what attitude Mills takes into this match. It’s been well documented that following his RevPro debut he turned his back on longtime friend and training partner, British Cruiserweight Champion Michael Oku. However, reports suggest that bridges have been built in their time off & rather than focusing on other people’s success Mills is aiming to concentrate solely on his own. Will this renewed sense of focus help Connors game?

For Robbie X this contest is strictly business & a chance to test himself against one of RevPro’s top prospects. After the Valentine’s Day heartbreak of losing the Speed King Championship match to friend and rival RKJ at High Stakes, X will be looking to rebound in the most spectacular way possible. Not fortunate to have a private ring he could train in nearby, Robbie went out of his way travelling over an hour and half multiple times a week as soon as lockdown restrictions were eased to stay in the best ring shape possible. For a wrestler of his style ring time is important. But nothing can replicate the feeling of real competition and against Connor Mills he is facing very real competition.

Both men will no doubt be looking to make up for lost time and looking to impress. As with all the contests airing this Sunday on FITE! it will be fascinating to see the effect that time off has had on conditioning and if ring rust will at all play a factor, but regardless there couldn’t be a more stylistically perfect first match back. This is what competition to be the best is all about!

Epic Encounters One will be streaming THIS SUNDAY, August 23rd on FITE! 8pm BST/3pm EST/12pm PST To pre-order the event click here:

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