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Southampton : Alex Windsor vs Laura Di Matteo announced.

In non-title competition, Alex Windsor collides with Laura Di Matteo in Southampton this Sunday! If Di Matteo manages to secure a win, you can only assume Alex Windsor will be certain to give Laura a championship oppotunity much like Gisele Shaw gave to her when she upset the former champion back in October.

Live in Southampton 16 takes place this Sunday from the 1865.

Tickets on sale now HERE!

If you can’t be there live, the next best thing is to check out where you’ll be able to watch the event within approximately 48 hours of the events conclusion.

Don't forget that before Sunday, you still have a chance to purchase season tickets for all 6 of our shows at the 1865 throughout 2022. Granting youself 6 events for £95 giving you a minimum saving of £25!

Season Tickets can be purchased HERE!

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