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Twitter Q & A (6th March)

On Friday just gone, we hosted one of our infamous Twitter Q & A's. Here we have a quick summary of the important answers regarding Revolution Pro Wrestling.

To start with, we had quite a few questions regarding future shows with both @Yukikobestgirl and @JoeScottGraps asking if we were hosting shows in the North and North West. As we said on Twitter, keep an eye on our socials and the website for all our breaking news and announcements in regards to shows, but we are back in Sheffield in November.

In regards to future shows, our Undisputed British Heavyweight Champion will be around in May, we will be announcing things regarding this shortly, so again, keep an eye on everything RevPro for the latest news!

We were also asked what our favourite and least favourite things are about the shows in Southampton. Simply put, we love the intimate feel of them, how close everyone is to the action, with the action often spilling out into the crowd! As our tweet says "the misconception they are small or 'B' shows" however our goal for this year is to change this perception and after what happened at our last Southampton show between Mills and Oku as well as what happened between Moloney and Hikuleo you don't want to miss what's going to happen at our next Southampton on Sunday, April 12th!

If you have any immediate questions, please don't hesitate to contact us through our contact form on this very website. Follow our Twitter (@RevProUK) to keep an eye for any future Q&A's.

Make sure to follow all our socials including Instagram and Facebook for all our latest news and announcements!

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