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VOD : Live in Southampton 15 available to watch now.

Sunday December 12th's Live in Southampton 15 is available to watch now on

2 Week Free Trial for new subscribers l $8.49/£6.33 per month with no commitments. RPWOnDemand is available via web/iOS/Android/Roku

Full Card :

Dan Moloney vs Connor Mills

Luke Jacobs vs Robbie X - 2 out of 3 falls

Mariah May vs Chantal Jordan

Yota Tsuji vs Michael Oku

Kenneth Halfpenny vs Ricky Knight Jr

Shota Umino vs Lee Hunter

Aussie Open vs Callum Newman & JJ Gale

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1 commentaire

Alvin Wilcox
Alvin Wilcox
14 sept. 2023

When I was looking for a high-quality image of this fight, I accidentally came across a vector image with red eyes. The visual element red eyes vector gave the image a special drama and mystery. Although this was not what I was looking for, I was impressed by the quality of the vector and then used it in my project to add something mysterious and dramatic to the story.

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