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Why CONNOR? Why?

After such an incredible bout with his best friend, training buddy and a man that has helped him so much in wrestling MICHAEL OKU gave an impassioned speech about CONNOR MILLS. The man with 'true grit' means everything to the 'Master of the Half Crab', he is forever indebted to MILLS as he professed. The Undisputed British Cruiserweight Champion even said how he sees his title as not him winning it himself, but him and MILLS winning it together, as a team.

As MILLS looked so thankful to not only OKU, but to the fans, he reached for the championship, strapped it on to OKU's waist to show his appreciation. But it was all a ploy!

As the crowd applauded with MILLS standing behind OKU, he shocked everyone in attendance by delivering a 'Black Mass' to the back of OKU's head! Stunning the audience, a sudden gasp of air from everyone in attendance. The entire audience took a second to collect themselves, before the boos came in, as MILLS' music played he left the building, not having a care in the world for his supposed friend or the fans!

We have had no comments from MILLS since the incident happened and no one knows why he has committed to these actions.

You can watch what happened at Live in Southampton 12 by clicking here.

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