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WILL OSPREAY wins the Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship!

7 years in the making, WILL OSPREAY finally won the Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship, pinning ZACK SABRE JR for only the second time in his career to win the coveted belt. With the fans behind him and his coaches, Greg Burridge and Garry Vanderhorne, at ringside, OSPREAY knew it was now or never to win the belt. After his incredible victory over the 'Technical Wizard', the 'Aerial Assassin' officially declared himself a heavyweight.

Watch WILL OSPREAY's stellar victory to win the Undisputed British Heavyweight Champion from ZACK SABRE JR on You will also have full access to the entire Revolution Pro Wrestling library as well as shows from across the globe, including, DEFY, Bar Wrestling, ECCW (Canada), Southside Wrestling, and more for $8.49 a month to access 925+ hours of incredible Pro Wrestling content!

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