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Announcement On Future RevPro Events

Last week I released a statement assuring fans that we had every intention of continuing our advertised schedule, following government guidelines. Since that time however, every hour has seemingly brought about drastic changes which suggests that our way of life for the short term at least will be changed.

These changes have impacted many people in many ways, including small business and those apart of the entertainment industry… of which we are both! As you can imagine this has put a tremendous strain upon our operations and has put serious doubt towards our future. Therefore, any decisions being made had to be carefully thought out and their further implications taken seriously.

Ultimately, we must be responsible for the health and well-being of both our fans, performers and staff therefore it leads me to make the difficult decision to postpone all events up until the end of the first weekend of May and perhaps further as we go day by day, trying to get our heads around the latest happenings and judge accordingly.

I know that you will have a lot of questions, and as such I will personally be doing a Facebook live Q&A over at the Revolution Pro Wrestling Facebook Page at 3pm (if you read this after that time we will leave it up so you can catch up) and we will follow up with a twitter Q&A tomorrow (Thursday 19th) at midday.

To answer some of your likely questions here:

We aim to still be able to run Epic Encounter on Friday May 8th but realistically know that with this ever-changing environment that may not be possible. As a precaution, we have booked York Hall for FRIDAY AUGUST 14TH where we hope to still be able to deliver the triple main event of the eagerly anticipated British Championship Unification Match between David Starr and Will Ospreay, Women’s Championship bout between Killer Kelly and Gisele Shaw and the Epic Encounter between Eddie Kingston & Zack Sabre Jr

Last week I urged fans to continue to buy with confidence. Today again I echo those sentiments. All tickets will be valid for re-arranged dates. Should you wish to receive a refund instead then we are more than happy to organize this.

I ask for your patience and understanding as we need to follow a simple procedure in line with our terms and conditions. You will be formally contacted by our ticket agent Gigantic tickets in the next few days ONE EVENT AT A TIME. (Please bare with them as I’m sure you can imagine the volume of events they are dealing with right now). They will inform you of the changes (which we have communicated below) and will give you the option to either retain your tickets or be issued with a refund along with any further instruction.

Season ticket holders you will also be contacted, but quite simply your tickets for any events missed will roll over to next year or you can use them to bring a friend along to one of the upcoming events at your chosen venue providing a) it’s not sold out and b) you inform us in writing.

In Short The changes look as follows:

RevPro Pop Up – Originally scheduled for next Thursday March 26th will now move to THURSDAY 28TH MAY – still featuring Will Ospreay. (please note should we not be able to run this event on that date we have 2 further dates which we can run with Ospreay still in action which we will communicate as and when we need to)

Grlz Vol 2/ Live In Huntingdon 2 Double Show- Originally scheduled for Saturday April 4th will now move to SUNDAY JULY 4th

Live At The Cockpit 51 - originally scheduled for Sunday April 5th will now move to SUNDAY JUNE 7TH (should it become clear that we could run on May 3rd , we will do so and the June date will become LIVE AT THE COCKPIT 52!!!! but in order to avoid confusion & putting tickets on sale for an event that in all honesty we will unlikely be able to run, tickets will be released separately for that date if it becomes possible)

Live In Southampton 12 – originally scheduled for Sunday April 12th will now take place on SUNDAY JUNE 14th

Live In Bristol 3 – Scheduled for Sunday April 19th will be postponed to a new date TBC, we have suggested new dates to the venue and will update you upon confirmation.

Cruel Intentions 2020 – scheduled for May 2nd – if possible this event will still take place. We believe given the current climate it’s unlikely and should that be the case the re-arranged date will be SATURDAY 25TH JULY we will communicate this decision in the very near future.

Live At The Cockpit 52 - scheduled for Sunday May 3rd - if possible will still take place, we will only put tickets on sale if we think the event happening becomes a realistic possibility. Please leave a pencil in your diaries for now. We will communicate this decision in the very near future.

Epic Encounter 2020 – scheduled for Friday May 8th – if possible this event will still take place. Should we need to postpone the event the new date will be FRIDAY AUGUST 14TH please keep posted. Please be assured we won’t hang about on making a final decision

Live In Portsmouth Guildhall - Scheduled for Sunday May 31st – Currently still scheduled. As you can see by our initial Pop Up rearranged date, we hope to be back in business by our Portsmouth Guildhall date and will continue to proceed with plans for that, unless government briefings suggest this isn’t possible. If that is the case then this event will be re-arranged for SUNDAY AUGUST 30th we will keep all communications on this subject open and transparent.

As we alluded to we had a series of additional dates to be added in May including returns to old stomping grounds & our debuts in Newcastle and Coventry. But given the current climate we don’t feel it wise to proceed with those events at this stage, but you can rest assured as soon as we get ourselves back on our feet we will be raring to visit many new locations around the country again!

In the meantime I thank you for your patience and understanding, the outpouring of messages over the last few days have been really encouraging and solidifies my stance that we will overcome this adversity and come out stronger on the other side.

If you wish to support RevPro during this difficult then please do so by buying a ticket to one of our re-arranged shows, subscribing to us on demand: or grabbing some merch from

To help us in this difficult time we have also created a Patreon site, with a number of benefits available, including a lot of one of a kind items and exclusive content. To take a look visit:

Over the coming days and weeks we will also be providing a ton of free content as whilst we may not be Dr’s. Nurses or even the brave retail workers I feel that entertainment & escapism is an important part of our society and if we can’t do it from the live venues for the time being we will do everything we can to do it from the comfort of our sofas!

- Andy Quildan


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