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Article: 10 Takeaways From Live In London 76

10 Takeaways From The 229

This past Sunday saw the return of Revolution Pro-Wrestling to the 229 venue for Live In London 76 for the first time since before Epic Encounter and for the final time before the 11th Anniversary show. The show, which proved to be highly eventful on the road to The Copper Box, is available now on but if you can't catch the show, here's 10 Takeaways you need to know...

1. Trent Seven STILL has the Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship belt (and an accomplice)...

The main event at the 229 was CHAOTIC; from a sprawling start to a dramatic end, it was another fantastic main event of what is becoming RevPro's signature match, the ten man elimination match with eliminations coming from pinfall, submission or over-the-top-rope elimination. As the match drew to a close, though, 'THE British Heavyweight' attempted to leave with Michael Oku's belt and a tug of war began until Trent's accomplice took centre stage, putting the 'Master of the Half Crab' flat on his back and leaving with Trent, with Oku once again finding himself a champion without a championship. The apprentice? A man with a point to prove in British wrestling, Levi Muir. We will be watching Sunday's Live in Southampton 25 closely to see if Muir's motivation is revealed...

2. A champion with a target on his back...

Trent Seven. Levi Muir. Connor Mills. RKJ? Michael Oku has a date with destiny on August 26th with Trent Seven but he now needs eyes in the back of his head after Levi's actions. Then we have his legacy rival, Connor Mills, with the two forever destined to be in one another's orbit, it feels. Now, though, the drama of the past 12 months appears to be culminating all at the same time as Ricky Knight Jr, a man who was never pinned or submitted as Undisputed Heavyweight Champion, has one eye on Zack Sabre Jr and one eye on Oku. The carnage that was the 229's ten man main event saw some friendly fire between Oku and RKJ, with the latter taking exception to the former which resulted in his elimination. Just how long will RKJ focus on other targets before he goes back after what he sees as rightfully his?

3. What's next for Connor Mills?

The Copper Box card is filling - ten matches and 8 slots looking pretty much confirmed at this stage (yes, 8, read on to find out how!) but what is next for the Undisputed British Cruiserweight Champion, 'True Grit' Connor Mills? Well, we don't know is the answer! However, what we do know is that Sha Samuels scored a pinfall victory over him here and that the rivalry between Robbie X and Connor Mills is a long, long way from being over. And, did anyone else see the way Jordon Breaks, Callum Newman and 'Wild Boar' Mike Hitchman looked at Mills' belt in the opening entrances? It could be nothing, it could be something, it could be everything. Time will tell on this one.

4. "That's for York Hall, you mug!"

'The East End Butcher' Sha Samuels got a lick of revenge on Trent Seven in the imploding main event and was heard saying, "That's for York Hall", where Trent got a pinfall win over Sha, though, not without controversy as he blatantly, illegally, used the ropes for leverage. Sha got some revenge here, but only a touch... One has a feeling he will want more in the coming weeks.

5. Iron Willed has no time for Hardcore Country...

Our Undisputed British Women's Champion continued to show her true colours in her title defence against Hyan; happy to be back, focused on winning at all costs and desperate to pick up where she left off as THE undisputed woman in RevPro. Sadly, for Hyan, that ruthlessness cost her the chance to leave the 229 as champion and, sadly for Maya Matthews, it left her on her back seeing stars. What's next for Windsor? Well, she took the time to address 'Hardcore Country', Mickie James, and dropped the challenge to face her one on one at the Copper Box. Windsor seems to be underestimating her challenger, though, and that might just came back to haunt her. Maya will want revenge, though, and that chance might just come over the next two weeks as RevPro returns to the 1865 on Sunday and then the Portsmouth Guildhall a week later. Windsor's list of enemies is certainly growing.

6. Fighting champions...

'The Summer of Subculture' is proving to be more than just a catchphrase; 5 matches, 4 titles defences, 3 cities, 2 countries and 1 big clean sweep since winning the Impact Tag Team Championships and here, in their first match since becoming the Undisputed British Tag Team Championships, they scored another win over former champions Sunshine Machine, in TK Cooper and Chuck Mambo's return to the RevPro ring after a four month absence. Despite this, the champions aren't resting there, seemingly accepting a challenge in the post-match from Jude London and Paris De Silva, the VeloCities, who overcame Greedy Souls earlier in the show.

7. The sun shone on a sunny Sunday at the 229 but not for everyone...

Aussie Open. Lykos Gym. Destination Everywhere. Pure Beef. The VeloCities. Five huge championship defences across a nine month title reign for Sunshine Machine in 2022. A feud with Greedy Souls ultimately saw them lose those titles and fail to retain them. Now they are back, and they were given the ultimate chance to win back their former gold when they faced Subculture in a non-title match; a pinfall over the champs would almost certainly guarantee them a title match and with the Copper Box looming, the that rights itself, surely? Not this time, though, with Flash and Andrews hitting the Blitz-Knee Bop for the 1-2-3. Then, before Sunshine Machine had even departed the 229, before they could take in their adoring fans, the VeloCities enter the ring to challenge Subculture? TK Cooper couldn't hide the disgust on his face at the disrespect shown by the lovable Australians. Lovable to the fans, yes, but perhaps not to TK and Mambo.

8. The same old recipe; Soul Destroyer, 1-2-3, Souls... Lose?

The aforementioned VeloCities overcame the Greedy Souls, and challenged Subculture, leaving the former champs feeling bottom of a division they had dominated for the best part of a year. One thing we know about the 'Workhorse' Brendan White and 'Made of Stone' Danny Jones is that they won't take this lying down - expect the two to take any means necessary to reassert themselves atop the tag team division.

9. The biggest RevPro show EVER just got even bigger...

"I ain't no-one's little brother anymore" - Leon Slater.

Leon Slater rose to the challenge of Harrison Bennett in the opening bout and then took his chance to confront the man who left him surrounded by medics at York Hall last month, the Drilla, Dan Moloney. Dan had some harsh words for Leon, taking objection to the idea that Leon felt the two were equals when it was Moloney who plucked Slater from obscurity and brought him into the fold at RevPro. The callousness of the Drilla's promo fuelled this blood feud and, while we we await confirmation from RevPro management, it looks like this blowoff may just be Copper Box-bound.

10. Could this year get any worse for the Zodiac?

Zak Knight does not back down, he does not take the easy 'out' and he has always taken the road less travelled. However, this route has now led to seven straight singles defeats in 2023 - we can now add Dan Moloney to the list of victors over Zak in the RevPro ring after gruelling, hard-hitting and emotional defeats for the Zodiac against Yota Tsuji, nephew RKJ, Luke Jacobs, Michael Oku, Rampage Brown and Trent Seven. The losses are mounting up. Zak is in the best shape of his life but the worst form of his career. Something has to give.

So, what's next for RevPro? A return to the 1865 in Southampton on Sunday 13th August, to Portsmouth Guildhall on the 20th and then, the big one, the 11th Anniversary show at the Copper Box on Saturday 26th August. Catch all the action live and in person, with tickets available at or On Demand at

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We are losing more and more doodle jump money. Zak is at his healthiest ever, but he's also at his lowest point professionally. Sacrifices are inevitable.

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