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Article: 10 Takeaways from Live In St Neots

Well, that was one hell of a weekend. RevPro and CMLL brought Fantastica Mania to Manchester and then we returned to St Neots, the Priory Centre, for Risky Business. Across the weekend three championships in Revolution Pro Wrestling were defended, a host of names made their RevPro debuts and the Great British Tag League began. But before we dive into it, if you weren't able to join us live, check out all three shows on and, if you need the TLDR version, here's 10 Take Aways from St Neots as Revolution Pro Wrestling returned for Risky Business.

1. Let The Great British Tag League Begin!

After much anticipation, the blocks are decided, the matches are booked and the Great British Tag League is underway. And who better to open the competition than the reigning and defending British Tag Team Champions, Subculture. Subculture are in what looks like the "group of death" to bastardise a football phrase, alongside two sets of former Champions in Greedy Souls and Sunshine Machine, alongside Danny Black and Joe Lando, CPF.

2. 6 Points?

Risky Business saw an Epic Encounter rematch as Flash and Mandrews took on Souls, in a HOT League opener. So hot, in fact, there was a time when we thought Ref Harv was going to throw the match out as Subculture opened with dual tope suicidas and proceeded to brawl with Danny Jones and Brendan White all over the Priory Centre.

The action finally made its way to the ring where Jones and White embarked upon TRADEMARK Souls' offence, isolating one at a time, delivering decimating offence and breaking backs. And, with that, Greedy Souls picked up the first points of the Great British Tag League and left Subculture with their first RevPro defeat. It wasn't the cleanest of wins, given the brawl that ensued before the first bell, but it certainly wasn't a dirty victory for Souls.

Soul Destroyer. 1-2-3.

The isolating offence that epitomised their dominant title reign saw off the champions and sees them top of the tag team contenders once more. Though, it's just the three points for Souls, not the six that Brendan was calling for.

3. How Soon Is Now?

Speaking of contenders, 'Heavy Artillery' Joshua James had one hell of a hoss fight with Zak Knight. It's been mentioned on commentary by Andy Quildan and Gio (No last name) multiple times throughout 2023 but maybe this year is the year we see the next graduation from the Contenders division and there cannot be a better candidate than Josh James? After his breakout win over Yota Tsuji in St Neots earlier this year, he came as close as you can get against Zak Knight, with a big mark of respect at the end from the Zodiac with the offer of a handshake after the two came head to head (quite literally) and went to war with one another. Tsuji and then the Revolution Rumble - maybe it is as little as one more big moment for 'Heavy Artillery' needed before graduation.

4. Finally

As for Zak Knight, finally, after eight months of close calls, near misses and almosts, the BIG singles win of 2023 came up for The Zodiac. In the hardest hitting match of the night, Josh James left bloody mouthed and chopped to the point that his chest looked like a Dulux colour chart. Zak has been getting closer, but something clicked earlier this month in the 229 and with that win and this, he records back to back victories for the first time in RevPro since wins over Shaun Jackson and Gideon Grey in the New Year.

5. Newcomers

And Zak's night was not quite over there. Tag League Block A tag partner and nephew Ricky Knight Jr faced Mark Trew of Trew & Lacey, the bucket hat adorning, smack talking, crowd despising newcomer (though the feeling did seem mutual). Trew brought an unpredictability to his offence, epitomised by his springboard diving headbutt to a standing RKJ, combined with a brawling, blitz attack and a confidence atop the ropes. However, the experience, the grit and the guile of the 'Indie Killer' was enough to see off the newcomer. Post-match, a cheap attack from tag partner Kieron Lacey drew Zak out and, though the Knights took a pair of victories on the night and chased their tag rivals off, Trew & Lacey may have just about got in their heads ahead of their inevitable Block A match.

6. Bienvenido a la Revolución

Mark Trew was not the only RevPro debutant on Sunday as Atlantis Jr and Hechicero made their FULL RevPro debuts following their performances at Fantastica Mania U.K. In the main event of the evening show on Saturday in Manchester, Hechicero challenged for the Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship in the match of the night and at Risky Business he teamed with the 'Cruiserweight Monster' 'Wild Boar' Mike Hitchman to take on Champion Michael Oku and CMLL rival Atlantis Jr. There was no love lost between the two Mexican stars and Hechicero still had eyes on the biggest prize in British pro wrestling. However, it was Oku and Atlantis Jr standing tall on Sunday as both men held their championships aloft.

7. The Champion Is True To His Word

Before Michael Oku defeated Great O Khan for the Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship he gave an impassioned promo at the 1865 in Southampton - he promised to dethrone the United Empire man and return as champion. He vowed to take the championship town to town, show to show and be a fighting champion. Well, over the course of the weekend, the champion wrestled three matches, including his second defence of the title. After the Empire held the belt in Japan, it is now home and St Neots saw their champion as had been promised all those months ago in Southampton.

8. St Neots is Robbie X Country

In the biggest styles clash of the night, Robbie X faced Levi Muir in the opener at the Priory Centre, deep in the heart of 'Robbie X Country'. Speed Vs power. Experience Vs raw talent. Cruiserweight Vs heavyweight. Levi dominated for large stretches, especially in the opening stages of the match, but Robbie X found a way, hitting The Xclamation for the victory. There's something about Robbie X and St Neots - the crowd are several decibels louder each and every time he performs in a venue where he is undefeated for long over a year.

9. The Final Boss of Women's Professional Wrestling

Someone else who remains undefeated is Alex Windsor, our Undisputed British Women's Champion. In fact, not only is the Iron Willed one unbeaten since her return from injury, she is unbeaten since 2017 in a Revolution Pro Wrestling ring. Singles, tags, multi-woman matches - you name it and Alex Windsor has won it. In fact, she has just one blemish on her entire RevPro career, a singles loss to Jinny in the Cockpit six years ago. Besides that, she has a 100% record. All Hail, indeed.

10. The Iron Age (Just About) Continues

And in the main event slot of Risky Business, Alex Windsor won once more and with that, the Iron Age continues. However, we need to acknowledge the belt shot don't we? After referee Chris Hatch had been incapacitated, Dani Luna looked to have evaded Windsor's attempt to take her out with the belt the way she did Hyan in the 229 in London. She got her up for what would have been a devastating powerbomb but Windsor used the belt on the crown of Luna's head before locking in the sharpshooter for the victory. As always, the referee's decision is final and the referee can only call what they see but there is a desperation in Windsor in decent weeks which we haven't seen before - she is determined to keep her place atop British women's wrestling, no matter what.

So what's next for Revolution Pro Wrestling? This Sunday, 1st October, we return to the 229 in London before heading to the 1865 in Southampton on Sunday 8th. We then hit the Gordon Craig Theatre for the British J Cup in Stevenage on the 21st and then finally the Sheffield Network on the 22nd. For all your tickets, visit and to catch all the action live from home, visit

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