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Cardiff: RKJ Vs Connor Mills signed

A huge singles clash has been signed for our Friday February 24th, Live In Cardiff event as former Undisputed British Heavyweight Champion RKJ goes one on one with Connor Mills in a match that promises to be a hard hitting affair.

Both men have stated that 2023 is the year they look after number one, and in this contest something is going to have to give between two accomplished strikers.

Therefore the current card for RevPro Live In Cardiff looks as follows:

- Will Ospreay Vs. Big Damo

Southside Women's Championship

- Dani Luna (c) Vs. Skye Smitson

- Francesco Akira Vs. Leon Slater

- RKJ Vs. Connor Mills

Plus more to be announced!

Get your tickets now:

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Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey
12. Juni

Wrestling enthusiasts are encouraged to stay tuned for updates and secure their tickets for what mapquest promises to be an unforgettable night of action.

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