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Epic Encounters 9 Preview (Watch Free Tonight!)

Michael Oku defends his British Cruiserweight title against Kid Lykos II. Lykos II, fresh off a win against Oku’s tag team partner Connor Mills, goes into the match with both momentum and Kid Lykos in his corner, looking to bring home the British Cruiserweight title in the biggest match of his young career. Oku, in the 2nd defence of his Cruiserweight title will be looking for a quick win and to firmly put both members of Lykos Gym in the rear view mirror after they’ve becoming somewhat of a thorn in his and Mills side in recent weeks.

In what will be the first defence of the British Women’s Championship, the first ever two time champion Jamie Hayter defends against Skye Smitson. The ‘First Lady of the Legion’ Smitson, claims to be a prize fighter, only interested in fighting for the biggest prizes and with Gideon Grey by her side, he has managed to secured a shot at the biggest prize of them all in her first singles match in Revolution Pro Wrestling.

In the final of the winners bracket, Charlie Sterling goes one on one with Dan Moloney, with both looking for a clean sweep and the upper hand in the tournament final.

Sterling returning to Rev Pro after a two year absence, has looked extremely strong in his 2 matches thus far, beating long time tag team partner Joel Redman along the way, clearly a man with a point to prove, smart money could be on Sterling. Moloney has been on a rip through Revolution Pro Wrestling ever since Epic Encounters 5, where we saw him lay out the Undisputed British Champion with a Drilla Killa. A first round win over one of the tournament favourites in RKJ, followed by a win over Rob Lias, sees Dan Moloney looking like the overall favourite! Quite possibly the match of the tournament, this one is not to be missed.

In the losers side of the bracket, two men on their last life is RKJ and Screwface Ahmed. Early tournament favourite RKJ, is seemingly on a mission to pick up the SouthSide Heavyweight title and get one more chance at the Undisputed British Heavyweight championship, yet beating the man that standa in his way, will be no walk in the park. At Epic Encounter 8, we saw Screwface Ahmed with the Legion and Gideon Grey in his corner, is that of an entirely different proposition to the Screwface Ahmed we saw debut back at Epic Encounters 6. Avenging his original loss to Joel Redman and eliminating him from the tournament with more than a little help from Gideon Grey last time out, the 16 year veteran, Screwface Ahmed appears more than ready for RKJ.

After the combination of JJ Gale and Callum Newman embarrassed Gideon Grey at Epic Encounters 7, Gideon introduce the newest member of The Legion as the returning Chris Ridgeway and promised to teach both Gale and Newman a lesson at Epic Encounters 8. However it was Gale and Newman who had the last laugh yet again, getting the win over Gideon and Ridgeway in a tag team contest. Now Gideon plans to make Newman and Gale pay, with a pair of matches signed. Whereby both Gale and Newman will face Ridgeway in singles matches. Ridgeway has looked extremely violent in his appearances since returning to Revolution Pro Wrestling and JJ Gale, should be cautious going into this one on one encounter.

From the fallout from Epic Encounters 7 we have a tag match match which sees the team of Bobbi Tyler & Zoe Lucas going up against Kanji & Aleah James. After Kanji successfully defended her SouthSide title against Bobbi Tyler, the team of Lucas & Tyler left both Kanji & James laying and also took the formers title with them for good measure. With stakes on the match high, this one isn’t going to be pretty. If Aleah & Kanji pick up the win, Aleah James will be granted a shot at Kanji’s title, yet if Lucas & Tyler are victorious, whoever scored the pinfall will be awarded the shot.

You can watch Epic Encounters Nine 100% free of charge from 7pm tonight on YouTube ( or Twitch ( The full show will be on straight after the premiere airing where it will join over 1055 hours of footage, including the full RevPro back catalogue and soon the full archive of Southside Wrestling shows which are currently being added!

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