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Events Update

To say 2020 hasn’t quite gone to plan is an understatement!

Ticket holders will know that this week we contacted you to inform you our scheduled August, York Hall & Bristol events have been postponed once again with no official return date announced whilst we await full government guidance.

As always your money is safe & once again to clarify here are your options:

- You may retain your tickets for the re-scheduled date

- You may transfer your ticket to a different event (once we begin to announce dates)

- If you wish to get a refund for face value of the ticket then simply contact the point of purchase

Future Events

We remain as committed as ever to running a full schedule of events as soon as it’s deemed safe to do so & following guidance released this week we are now more confident that we will be able to get some events across the line sooner rather than later. But must emphasize this is not a decision we will rush into.

In this ever-changing landscape with so many variables, we are currently in the process with communicating with venues to see how the latest guidance affects them. For example, before we can make any decisions on returning to our regular performances at the London Cockpit we need to understand what a socially distanced event there would look like, and frankly if we will need to wait until the restrictions are relaxed due to the financial viability of running an event of this nature.

We are hopeful that our October 31st return to the Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage will be able to go ahead as planned but as ever this is a very much fluid situation.

We are very happy to announce that yesterday we secured a provisional SUNDAY DECEMBER 20TH, return date for York Hall, Bethnal Green. A date selected due to the likelihood of being able to pull it off. As it stands after refunds issued we are confident that we will be able to honour all those tickets purchased & retained for Epic Encounter, but for now we will not be putting any further tickets on sale for the event as we are unsure to what extent social distancing will affect our seating plan at this stage. Please be aware we are notifying you of this development right now to keep you informed. It may be a while before we ‘officially’ announce the date & get remaining tickets on sale as there are various meetings that will need to take place with the venue & licensing to come up with final guidance.

During our downtime, we have complied many plans and put new CLEAR rules in place for our return to live events to provide the best level of protection for our fans, staff members & wrestlers. We will be publishing these alongside on sale dates for future events.

Following government guidance for sports and performing arts & receiving advice from our friends & partners around the globe we have also created a framework for running professional wrestling events that we believe will ensure as safe a return as possible to in ring competition.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. The first part of our phased return will begin soon.

As always thank you everyone for your continued support, our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone effected by this terrible situation and together we hope that we can come out of the other end stronger and with a greater appreciation of everything that until recently we took for granted.

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