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Feb 23rd - Southampton - RKJ vs CARLOS ROMO vs ELP vs SHAUN JACKSON - The 1865

Just announced for this Sunday, at The 1865, Southampton, a fatal-4-way match that promises to be absolutely chaotic, with each man looking to prove something!

The Speedking Champion RICKY KNIGHT JR will look to carry on his momentum after his impressive victory over ROBBIE X at High Stakes.

CARLOS ROMO will look to pick up his first singles victory in over six months in Revolution Pro Wrestling since his victory over A-Kid.

Bullet Club's resident 'Headbanger' EL PHANTASMO will look to bounce back from a disappointing defeat to MICHAEL OKU, losing his precious Undisputed British Cruiserweight Championship in the process.

The Contender SHAUN JACKSON will look to solidify himself as a threat to the main roster in this match, as the clear powerhouse out of the four, but will his inexperience hinder him?

Tickets for Live in Southampton 12 are still available, click here to grab yours now!

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