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Four world class singles wrestlers. One great tag team match. This Sunday on FITE!

This tag team match is unconventional in the sense these are four, exceptional singles wrestlers each with individual agendas, creating for a highly combustible yet exciting situation.

For Will Opsreay, this contest is a measuring stick for him to see where he is at after 5 months off and having added a considerable amount of size to his frame. It can’t be denied that The Aerial Assassin is now a heavyweight. But in reaching this goal it raises a lot of questions. Will he have lost his trademark speed that has given him so much success over the years & how much gas will he have in the tank? If he can maintain these levels of his game he could well prove to be an unbeatable proposition, yet if he has not he could be forced to go back to the drawing board and re-evaluate. He knows he has an upcoming British Heavyweight Championship clash scheduled with Kyle Fletcher & this match is a key point in his preparation.

For Ospreay’s partner, the Undisputed British Cruiserweight Champion Michael Oku, this contest resembles much of his short professional wrestling career. He is being thrown in at the deep end against the very best. This is his chance to once again show his trademark heart and determination and to once again try and prove his doubters wrong. Much like Ospreay, one half of his opposition will form a future singles contest as opposing him, perhaps the fastest man in RevPro, the Speed King Champion, Ricky Knight Jr.

RKJ feels his Speed King Championship is every bit the equal of Oku’s Cruiserweight championship and if you asked him, he would point to the fact it has no weight classification to show its superiority. However due to the style of wrestling RevPro have decreed that the Speed King and Cruiserweight belts will be unified and this tag team clash will be the perfect taster. But for Knight Jr, this match represents more than that. It represents the chance for him to show he is indeed one of the best wrestlers in the world and that he can hang with the heavyweights. Much like Ospreay, RKJ has spent a large part of lockdown adding size to his frame so he will face many of the same challenges. Will concentrating on making a transition to heavyweight, whilst aiming to be the top Cruiserweight until he completes that transition be too much pressure for the youngster to handle?

For Kyle Fletcher the purpose of this contest is simple. To show Will Ospreay that he can beat him. The close of 2019 & start of 2020 saw Fletcher make significant strides in singles competition and with no obvious number one contender he was in fact handpicked by Ospreay as a man whom he felt deserved the opportunity to be his first challenger. This news was greeted with mixed feelings by Fletcher. He doesn’t want Ospreay to be taking him lightly & in his mind he wants no excuses for when he beats him. This tag team contest is not only Fletchers chance to find out a bit more about how he measures up to the champion, but also to demonstrate to the champion what a real threat he is to his heavyweight championship gold.

4 of the best wrestlers in the world, huge future ramifications, this one has all the makings of an Epic Encounter!

Epic Encounters One will be streaming THIS SUNDAY, August 23rd on FITE! 8pm BST/3pm EST/12pm PST To pre-order the event click here:

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