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London Cockpit Venue Change

Due to the Cockpit wishing to continue with socially distanced events we have had to make the difficult decision to move both August & Septembers events to 229 The Venue, London.

The positive is that the venue is just a 10 minute car ride, 12 minute tube, or 30 minute walk from The London Cockpit so it shouldn't affect any fans travel or accommodation plans.

The venue also has a larger capacity than the Cockpit & whilst more tickets may become available (due to any returns), we have decided not to physically increase the capacity of next weeks show, meaning that fans will be able to have some space should they wish.

Unfortunately the venue operates under a 14+ license (with under 16's needing to be accompanied by an adult), meaning that despite the fact the content of the show will still be very much family friendly we won't be able to permit any one under 14 into the event. We apologise for anyone this negatively effects, and of course refunds will be made available at point of purchase.

Promoter Andy Quildan explains the situation in the video below:

We thank everyone for their support in this challenging time as we remain committed to our goal of delivering the best pro wrestling seen on these shores.

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