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London: Live In London 76 Preview

It's RevPro Sunday! Live in London 76 is the first post-Epic Encounter show yet we are also only three weeks and three shows removed from, officially, THE biggest RevPro show in history. The 11th Anniversary show at the Copperbox has now sold more tickets than Night 2 of Strong Style Evolved UK, which holds the record for a RevPro attendance, and now has six of ten matches confirmed so there is much excitement to be had this month and all of that begins today, at the 229. In the post-Epic Encounter era, we have a full set of new champions, all of whom are in action today and all of whom are in fairly complex positions within the locker room.

Let us start with our new Undisputed British Heavyweight Champion, the Master of the Half Crab, Michael Oku; a champion without a championship. On what was Oku's single most important moment in his career, headlining York Hall, beating the Great O Khan, a man who had run roughshod over RevPro on a five year undefeated streak, the buoyant York Hall faithful left with Trent Seven on their lips, not Oku. Photos of a deflated and lost looking Oku spread across socials and Trent Seven posted a video from Bethnal Green holding aloft Oku's Championship claiming the champion makes him "sick". Not quite the crowning ending we had hoped for. What's more, the presence of Connor Mills during Michael Oku's Championship celebrations silenced the crowd, and footage shows Oku almost pleading for Mills to join him as Sha Samuels spread the ropes to welcome our new Undisputed British Cruiserweight Champion to reunite Destination Everywhere, even if only for the moment.

Thus much of Epic Encounter's closing moments presented more questions than answers but maybe some of those answers will come from today's HUGE main event. Yes, we will see our Undisputed British Heavyweight Champion in action, with the aforementioned Sha Samuels, opposite the champ's Copperbox opponent, Trent Seven, and his former best friend, Connor Mills. Throw into the mix a who's who of RevPro and we have a massive ten man main event. Fighting alongside Sha and Oku will be Luke Jacobs, as he gears up for the fight of his life against the Stone Pitbull Tomohiro Ishii on August 26th, and besides them the man Mills dethroned, Robbie X, and the self-proclaimed uncrowned champion of RevPro, Ricky Knight Jr. RKJ has a huge match at the Copperbox against Zack Sabre Jr, an MVP of those 11 years of RevPro, and here he stands across the ring from Jordon Breaks, ZSJ's opponent at Epic Encounter in what some have called the greatest technical wrestling match on British soil of the decade. Breaks, though, finds himself in tough company, as alongside Mills and Trent, two men who certainly don't abide the same ring code that Breaks lives by, are Callum Newman, the United Empire's Apprentice, and the wildcard, the Wild Boar, Mike Hitchman, a man who has history with Robbie X after the events in Southampton two months ago. The dynamics of this match will be fascinating with champions and challengers on both sides - you won't be able to take your eyes off of this one.

In addition to our Heavyweight and Cruiserweight Champions, today will also see Alex Windsor return to the 229 with her Undisputed British Women's Championship, fresh from her victory over Hyan, Dani Luna and Skye Smitson at Epic Encounter and fresh after unifying the RevPro and Southside Women's Championships. However, the match was certainly not without controversy and that is what brings us to today. With Luna and Smitson eliminated, Windsor and Hyan were to fight for the title in York Hall. In a four way, no countout, no disqualification match, it is not against the rules to do what our Iron Willed champion did. However, is it the actions of a role model to a young division or the necessary strategy of arguably the best female wrestler in Britain, to use a steel chair to bludgeon an opponent into defeat? She will say she did what she needed to do, but can Windsor face Hyan one on one today and beat her clean to retain her crown? Time will tell.

In what is already a stacked card, we have another intriguing encounter between our new Undisputed Tag Team Champions, Subculture, and the returning former champions, Sunshine Machine, in what is a dream match of British professional wrestling. In TK and Mambo's first RevPro match in four months, they return with a huge opportunity to upset Andrews and Webster in their first show as champions. With the Great British Tag League to come later this year and with the Copperbox looming, a win over the champions could have huge consequences for the returning fan favourites.

Speaking of tag teams, we are blessed with a second tag team match, with former champions and a returning fan favourite outfit the Greedy Souls, who beat Sunshine Machine to be Tag Champions holding the straps for nine months before dropping them to Subculture, face the returning VeloCities, Jude London and Paris De Silva, last seen at the 10th Anniversary show last summer. Interestingly, Subculture are currently without an opponent for the Copperbox - let's see if that is still the case after today's two BIG tag team bouts.

Now, you can't say BIG in RevPro and not immediately think of the man who brings a Big Match Feel to every match he is in, the Zodiac Zak Knight. However, 2023 hasn't been kind to Zak, with him currently on a six match losing streak and without a singles win since RevPro's first show of 2023, a victory over Lord Gideon Grey. However, form is temporary, as they say, and Zak will be looking to turn things around today against a man who had a very busy Epic Encounter in the Drilla Dan Moloney. Dan attempted to come to his friend Leon Slater's aid in his match with rival Will Ospreay. However, the Assassin prevailed. "As long as I can get to Leon, I can get to you", Ospreay declared. And in that moment, something in Moloney switched; he hit Slater with a Drilla and stared Ospreay down with a maniacal grin on his face.

Zak Knight Vs Dan Moloney is one of only two men's singles matches on this card and it will be a hard hitting bout of British Strongstyle which will complement the clash of styles in the second of the two matches, with the before mentioned Leon Slater facing the returning Harrison Bennett. Bennett made quite an impact earlier this year in RevPro, attacking then Cruiserweight Champion Robbie X in Southampton, challenging for the championship in Cardiff and then again in the 229. Bennett will fancy another shot at the belt, even if it is now on Connor Mills not Robbie X, but so too will Leon, a man who has never had a shot at the belt himself. Again, Mills is without an opponent at the Copperbox and a win here for either man will put them in contention to take that spot at the biggest show of the year.

And so there we have it, three weeks removed from the Copperbox, the post-York Hall return to the 229, and we have a stacked card headlined by a huge ten man tag, a championship bout and four matches featuring all RevPro champions and spots on the biggest British wrestling show of the decade up for grabs. Join us there at the 229, with tickets still available at and if you cannot be there live, join us from the comfort of home at

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