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In a shocking turn of events at High Stakes, MARK & VICKY HASKINS seem to have joined the ranks of one of the most dominant factions in RevPro history, THE LEGION.

During the tag-team title match, as the team of DAVID STARR & DAMIAN DUNNE looked like they were going to pick up the victory over THE LEGION, the HASKINS came running out, only to disappoint the fans, as the 'Preacher's Son' MARK HASKINS delivered a low blow to both STARR and DUNNE for THE LEGION to capitalise and were able to pick up the victory, retaining their belts.

You can watch this incredible tag team title match and subsequent betrayal from High Stakes by clicking here. You can also subscribe to for only $8.49 a month, giving you full access to the entire Revolution Pro Wrestling library as well as shows from across the globe, including, DEFY, Bar Wrestling, ECCW (Canada), Southside Wrestling, and even more with 925+ hours of Professional Wrestling for your viewing pleasure!

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