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Results: Live In London 69 (08/01/23)

The below article contains spoilers for RevPro Live In London 69. The full show is available to watch now on

Quick Results

- Connor Mills def. David Francisco

- Gabriel Kidd def. JJ Gale

- Greedy Souls def. Lykos Gym

Undisputed British Cruiserweight Championship

- Robbie X def. Luke Jacobs

- Zak Knight def. Gideon Grey

- Sunshine Machine def. Charlie Sterling & Shaun Jackson

- Will Ospreay def. Eddie Dennis

Full Results

Connor Mills def. David Francisco

After relative silence after his defeat at the hands of Michael Oku at Uprising, Connor Mills took back control, assaulting Francisco from the onset of the contest. Francisco again showed a huge display of heart & desire in keeping himself in weathering the early storm and coming back swinging, but ultimately Mills' devastating offence was too much for the Contender to withstand.

Greedy Souls def. Lykos Gym

Ultimately the size advantage proved to be too much for a Lykos Gym who were determined to upset the balance of power against the Undisputed British Tag Team Champions. The Greedy Souls, seemingly a changed team since their brutal streetfight with Sunshine Machine at Uprising would not stand for the 'shenanigans' of Lykos Gym and it was the games their masked opponents were playing that finally made them see red, picking up a decisive victory with a Soul Destroyer.

Gabriel Kidd def. JJ Gale

A fantastic contest between two world class competitors saw Gabriel Kidd pick up the victory as he continues his ascent towards Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship gold. Whilst Gale will no doubt be disappointed by the result, he can hold his head high as he put up one hell of a fight against the 'Young Bull'. We have a feeling that this won't be the last time we see these two lock horns.

Undisputed British Cruiserweight Championship

Robbie X def. Luke Jacobs

Robbie X solidified his position as the top dog in the Curiserweight division, making defence number 2 of his Cruiserweight Championship against the former champion and the man who perhaps most importantly wasn't pinned by X to lose the championship. Both men turned up to fight, and with the stakes as high as they were delivered absolutely everything in their arsenal to try to capture victory. For Luke Jacobs there can be no excuses and for Robbie X there are no more questions as he looks to set his sights on Michael Oku's record for most championship defences and solidfy himself as the greatest Cruiserweight Champion of all time.

Zak Knight def. Gideon Grey

It didn't take Grey long to show his true colours as a face full or powder before the contest began gave the opportunistic 'international businessman' an upper hand against the prize fighter whose gameplan was thrown completely out the window. However once Knight was able to find his opening his fast hands & power advantage proved too much for Grey. Whilst Knight won the battle, it was Gideon who was intent on winning the war. Nailing 'The Zodiac' with a low blow before attempting to take his cain to him before Gabriel Kidd came out to stop the assault.

Grey, using David Francisco as a human shield, then proceeded to tell Kidd that he had just made a big mistake sticking his nose in his business and as a result next month he would go one on one with the Legions returning Yota Tsuji.

Kidd took this challenge in his stride however the same couldn't be said for Zak Knight who seemed frustrated that Kidd had come to his aid. Tensions are high in the heavyweight division!

Sunshine Machine def. Charlie Sterling & Shaun Jackson

The makeshift combination of Charlie Sterling & Shaun Jackson fell at the hands of Sunshine Machine, despite looking very impressive for a team working together for the first time.

Sunshine Machine, much like the men they shared a ring with at Uprising appear to have been changed by such a brutal encounter and it appears that the memory of them being trapped in the centre of the ring alongside each other was enough for them to kick on and win the contest after Jackson mocked TK after capturing Mambo in the centre of the ring with a Crossface.

Sterling will no doubt want another crack at Mambo & Cooper alongside regular partner Nick Riley, and for Sunshine Machine it seems they are intent on solidifying their legacy as a team as months away, they already have their sights set firmly on the 2023 Great British Tag League.

Will Ospreay def. Eddie Dennis

In a phenomenal performance just 4 days removed from his show stealing contest at the Tokyo Dome, Will Ospreay solidified his claim as the best wrestler in the world in a breath taking display against Eddie Dennis.

Dennis answered a lot of questions to himself in hanging with Ospreay but ultimately came up short. Left distraught at the end of the contest it was the ominous figure of his student Connor Mills that offered the hand to his fallen mentor and lead him to the back.

Another talking point was the manner of victory from Ospreay. As he laid down the gauntlet to the rest of the UK to step up and try and get on his level, saying the door is wide open and opening up the possibility to a number of intriguing first time clashes, in what Ospreay hopes to be a history making year.

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