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RevPro to take over Southside Wrestling Operations

With high profile closures of several of the UK’s leading brands we quite simply couldn’t stand by and let something like this happen again and as a result from Monday October 28th, RevPro will be taking over the operations of Southside Wrestling under the Revolution Pro Wrestling banner.

Perhaps the key to this deal is the addition of Ben, Sarah & Harry Auld who along with many of their most trusted team members will join our family. Bringing with them a wealth of experience & a different perspective that will no doubt ensure our continued growth.

To be clear all advertised Southside dates will go ahead as planned, with the final show taking place on Saturday October 26th, quite aptly the Southside Wrestling 9 Year Anniversary Show.

All areas and venues currently serviced by Southside will continue with the same regularity under the RevPro banner with the first shows taking place being a double header in Sheffield on Saturday November 9th, tickets will be on sale soon via

All Southside wrestling champions will be brought across to RevPro and eventually unification matches will take place with our Undisputed British Champions and the entire Southside Wrestling video archive will move across to giving an increased value to our VOD subscribers.

Over the past decade we have slowly but surely, developed and built a sustainable infrastructure, that against all odds has seen year on year growth and we are very happy that we are in a position to be able to ensure the continuation of high quality pro wrestling in areas and venues that have become accustomed to it as well as enabling loyal servants of the British wrestling scene the opportunity to continue to do what they love to do without the added pressures that come with promoting professional wrestling shows in the current climate.

We are confident that this is win-win for all parties involved. We promise to continue our commitment to producing the absolute best professional wrestling shows on these shores and are confident that the addition of Ben, Sarah & Harry Auld and their experience and passion for the business will be nothing but a benefit, not just to the areas they currently run but also to existing and future areas we venture, providing much needed support to a small and dedicated team.

These are truly exciting times and we thank you for your support as we continue to fight for independent professional wrestling, allowing wrestlers their opportunity to paint their own picture and fans an intimate & unforgettable experience unparalleled in any other form of sports or entertainment.

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I have been attending Southside since 2010 & it's gunna be sad to see it close, we have been friends with the auld family & we will stick with then heading into revpro wrestling & i can't wait to meet the owner of revpro.

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