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RICKY KNIGHT JR. and the Speedking Championship

RICKY KNIGHT JR. has been an impressive Speedking Champion ever since winning the title against JOE NELSON and then champion KIP SABIAN in a triple threat match. Since that monumental win, he has been been an impressive champion as he has put the belt up against any wrestler that has challenged him for the belt.

During his time at Southside RKJ has come up against all manner of wrestling superstars from across the globe, most notably against former WWE Superstar TJ PERKINS and the French 'Senzation', SENZA VOLTO.

Since arriving at Revolution Pro Wrestling, RICKY KNIGHT JR. has been an impressive fighting champion. Making his Revolution Pro debut against CARLOS ROMO at New Beginnings in Sheffield in early November.

In four matches, RKJ has defended his championship twice. His first title defense in RevPro was against a previous opponent SENZA VOLTO and DARIUS LOCKHART in an impressive, high-flying, hard-hitting triple threat match for the belt. RKJ's second title defense was against British wrestling veteran, MARK HASKINS.

RICKY KNIGHT JR. looks to want to hold onto his belt for as long as he can and has already proven that he can compete with the best wrestlers across the globe and always brings his A-game when his belt is on the line.

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