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SANATARIUM pick up sudden win over MEDUSA COMPLEX!

The team of Jayde and Nightshade (Sanatarium), picked up an impressive win over the renowned tag-team of Charli Evans and Millie Mckenzie (Medusa Complex).

As Sanatarium made their debut in Revolution Pro, as a team, they looked to make a statement, with, ‘The Deadly One’ Nightshade already holding a pinfall victory over Charli Evans, they went into this match as the likely favourites, however, the impressive tag stylings and synchronicity of Medusa Complex made things difficult for Sanatarium as they looked to isolate the ‘Poison Princess’ Jayde early on.

The power of Nightshade though, gave Sanatarium the advantage later on in the match, with the ‘suplex machine’ Millie Mckenzie looking to take down Nightshade but her stature made this incredibly difficult, but Medusa Complex, working in tandem, managed to find a chink in the armour of Nightshade, slowly taking her down, as they geared up for their finishing manoeuvre, Jayde recognised this on the outside of the ring, as she pulled Evans out of the ring as Nightshade rolled up Mckenzie, holding her tights picking up the three-count as Sanatarium scurried out of the building.

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