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Southampton: Full Card for this Sunday's Live In Southampton 21

THIS SUNDAY live from the 1865 Southampton, we're coming with this line up!

Card at a glance:

- Shaun Jackson Vs JJ Gale - Will Kaven Vs Cameron Khai - Luke Jacobs Vs Chris Bronson - Leon Slater Vs Callum Newman - Alex Windsor Vs Maya Matthews 8 Man Elimination Tag: - Sunshine Machine, RKJ & Connor Mills Vs Greedy Souls, Lucian Phillips & Michael Oku

Doors: 4.00pm l Bell Time 4.30pm

Shaun Jackson Vs JJ Gale

A battle of two former Contenders who chose completely different paths. This past Sunday Shaun Jackson was able to defeat Joshua James to in his mind continue the ascent towards championship gold. However with a big inability to focus on only what's in front of him could cost him as the opportunistic Gale has the ability to turn a match in a second.

Will Kaven Vs Cameron Khai

Less than one year since he first stepped foot in the Portsmouth School of Wrestling, Cameron Khai at just 16 years of age is somewhat of an enigma. Very few have picked up the sport as quickly as him, he's a natural and the hard work and therefore improvement hasn't stopped since day one. In contrast Kaven has been toiling for years, having to fight & scrap for each and every opportunity and that is demonstrated in his rough and ready ring style. Stylistically these two men couldn't be further apart, by styles make matches and this will be some match as Kaven will be looking to build momentum ahead of the biggest opportunity of his life when he challenges for the Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship at December 17th's Uprising 2022.

- Luke Jacobs Vs Chris Bronson

The highly touted Chris Bronson makes his RevPro debut and he wants to make an instand impact against Luke Jacobs, a man who over the past 12 months has established himself as one of the best wrestlers in the world. Bronson may be somewhat of an unknown quantity but Jacobs is not in the game to have people make reputations off his back. Always happy to engage in an all out war you can bet that he will be coming into this contest swinging for the fences and with a point to prove and Bronson will be meeting him halfway. Expect fireworks!

- Leon Slater Vs Callum Newman

These two young men are capable of doing things only seen in video games, defying gravity and competing with an assuredness beyond their years. Slater has a date with destiny on Saturday December 17th against Zack Sabre Jr. a challenge that Newman no doubt would have like himself & this contest is his chance to end 2022 strong and convince matchmakers that 2023 should be a year of opportunity. There is no doubt that both men are on the cusp of huge things in the sport of Professional Wrestling. But whose future is now?

- Alex Windsor Vs Maya Matthews

Ahead of her December 17th, Women's Championship Unification match, Alex Windsor has requested this contest against a young lady she has taken under her wing in Maya Matthews. Windsor, as Undisputed British Women's Champion has seen it as her duty to help the future of wrestling in turn solidifying her legacy as one of the greatest women's champions of all time. This contest is no doubt a test to see how far Matthews has come along since impressing Windsor so much in her debut contest back in May. You know Windsor isn't going to take this contest lightly and you know that Maya Matthews isn't going to want it any other way!

- Sunshine Machine, RKJ & Connor Mills Vs Greedy Souls, Lucian Phillips & Michael Oku

Expect absolute chaos. An 8 man elimination tag team match that can see eliminations occur by pinfall, submission or being thrown over the top rope and both feet touching the floor. This also means that there are no disqualifications! This match will no doubt set the tone ahead of Uprising but it will be a spectacle in its own right as all 8 men will be looking to make a statement just one week before the our huge fight night at York Hall.


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