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St Neots: 2 more contests signed

Two more exciting matches have been signed for this Friday's end of year presentation at The Priory Centre, St Neots.

An exciting clash has been signed between two men who are looking to make an impression for very different reasons. It could be argued that Luke Jacobs was the breakout star of 2022 however in his mind the term 'you're only as good as your last match,' has never been more appropriate as he will look to rebound from the loss of his Cruiserweight Championship when he takes on the debuting Myles Kayman who will no doubt be looking to make an impression and ensure he is the name that everyone is talking about heading into 2023.

After being eliminated from Southamptons main event by David Francisco, we should be saying it's Phillips who is looking for a measure of revenge against the Contender. However it's the other way round thanks to the brutal, steel chair assisted assault that from The Legions heavy hitter.

There will be absolutely no love lost in this contest and it's sure to be a heated affair!

The current card for Live In St Neots: Seasons Beatings looks as follows:

Undisputed British Cruiserweight Championship

- Will Kaven Vs. Robbie X

- Gabriel Kidd Vs. Chris Bronson

Southside Women's Championship

- Lucia Lee Vs. Dani Luna (c)

- Gideon Grey Vs Zak Knight

- Luke Jacobs Vs. Myles Kayman

- David Francisco Vs. Lucian Phillips


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