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Twitter Q&A Transcript (5/3/21)

With tickets for RevPro's shows going on sale we conducted our first weekly Q&A on Twitter. Find the transcript below where you will be able to see the answers to many FAQ's specifically relating to our return to live action!

I own cockpit season tickets. Do I just turn up to the venue on the day with those or do I get replacements.

@RevProUK: We will e-mail you next week, but you will be sent new tickets for the new dates!

Are there going to be meet and greet options planned for the York hall shows?

@RevProUK: Too early to say regarding meet & greets, but should there be they will be officially organised.

And are there plans to bring international wrestlers for the York hall shows?

@RevProUK: We do plan to bring in international talents but of course this is all dependent on travel rules & as we've stated before it may mean we need to use talents who are happy to come for a more extended period. We will keep everyone updated as & when we have news.

are u coming back to Sheffield?

@RevProUK: Yes. Two shows on September 4th & we have 3 dates in the diary for 2022

I had a ticket to a cancelled Stevenage show Am I right in understanding the e-Mail that ticket will be valid for the first Stevenage show back?

@RevProUK: Yes that's correct

Hi @RevProUK Gigantic emailed me about only 1 of my tickets (High Stakes). I enquired & they said they’re ‘waiting to hear from the promoter’ about my others. Tbh I’m only concerned tomorrow about the Cockpit. I’ve got a 2020 season ticket. Do I need to buy a new Cockpit ticket?

@RevProUK: No you do not. All existing tickets will be honoured!

Why no discounts for attending both the day time and evening shows in Sheffield?

@RevProUK: Unfortunately it’s just not possible in the current climate. We have done everything we can to keep prices as low as possible. We could have artificially offered a discount by increasing the price of the stand alone shows but didn’t feel that would be fair.

I was just wondering what the plan is for physical Cockpit ticket holders from the Season ticket.. I have 9 in hand (April-December 2020)

@RevProUK: You will have physical replacements in due course plus 3 tickets will roll over to 2022!

what’s the likelihood that some regular names might go to @njpwglobal for BOSJ, Jr Tg League, G1 or WTL? I mean the likes of @RKJ450@TheOJMO and @Robbie_X_ would be amazing out in Japan

@RevProUK: Our relationship remains strong & we certainly have talent to shake things up once the international airways clear! I'm sure all those mentioned and more will be looking to prove themselves when we return

if I am unsure I can do a replacement date, can I exchange the ticket for the next date? I think you said yes last week but wanted to make sure

@RevProUK: Yes absolutely. Just message Gigantic and they should be able to assist. Any issues let us know!

When do Bristol tickets go on sale ?? Not on website yet.

@RevProUK: Just waiting to get the go ahead to press ON SALE NOW... hopefully won't be much longer!

Will the York Hall shows return to Friday nights in 2022? Theres not a better way to start the weekend.

@RevProUK: We just work with the availability of the venue. As I'm sure you can imagine there's a lot of events promoters eager to make up for lost time at the moment. We're just happy to be back there!

will the roster list for each show be realised a couple of months before the show?

@RevProUK: Don't have an exact timeline but we will be aiming to announce as much as is possible well in advance.

Is shota still wrestling with rev pro or back in japan.

@RevProUK: We hope to have him back for the restart. We will communicate that info as soon as we have it.

Hi @RevProUK I'm happy to carry over my tickets but i can't for the life of me what tickets i booked I know they're carried for high stakes but no clue if first row etc. Can you help with this

@RevProUK: You do nothing to carry them over, however I do know for that event specifically Gigantic will be contacting all customers individually with new tickets which will obviously contain all the info.

Will there be chances for refunds if you book a talent of which the ticket holder is uncomfortable supporting due to any reason?

@RevProUK: Yes.

I bought a ticket for the pop up show in last May. Will this ever happen?

@RevProUK: That's still very much the plan & we remain committed to our covid flexibility guarantee of full refund or tickets moved to the rearranged date.

I’m keeping my ticket for the 19th york hall show how will the balcony work for that show ?

@RevProUK: At the moment it's being sold at just under 50% capacity to allow for social distancing. In an ideal world this will turn into full capacity, business as usual but we will continue to go by the way of caution and keep people updated.

Do you have the lineups locked down or will travel restrictions being lifted mean late announcements?

@RevProUK: We will announce line ups ASAP, obviously due to the nature of COVID everything is subject to change however we recognise the importance of letting you know exactly who will be on the shows and andy changes right away so you can make informed decisions on if you wish to attend!

In addition due to travel restrictions we've said the way we use imports may have to change so they come over for longer periods of time. I think the key is we'll just be transparent and keep you up to date with any moving parts!

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