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Under The Microscope With Levi Muir

After a very eventful month, Levi Muir has made huge waves in Revolution Pro-Wrestling and, not necessarily for the right things. In the space of two weeks Levi has aligned himself with Trent Seven, hospitalised Michael Oku, left David Francisco in need of medical assessment and put his hands on Joshua James and referee Dylan Harvey. He was introduced at the 1865 in Southampton as the 'Holder of the British Heavyweight Championship' Trent Seven's "Insurance Policy" by Andy Quildan on commentary this past Sunday. This Sunday he has the biggest match of his career, facing Undisputed British Heavyweight Champion Michael Oku ahead of the Master of the Half-Crab's showdown with Trent at the Copperbox Arena on Sunday 26th August.

It's safe to say we need some answers from Levi so we sent Dave The Mark down to South London for a sit down with self-proclaimed Future World Champion...

It is midday on a sunny Tuesday in an uncharacteristically quiet South London as I park up half an hour early to meet Levi Muir in the hope to bring some answers to the questions RevPro fans, and management, have been asking this past week. We have agreed to meet in a pub near Levi's home and gym, though I have been asked not to disclose the exact location as this is where Levi "lives not where [he] works".

I must admit, I am more than a little nervous sitting in the pub awaiting Levi; something tells me this will not be smooth sailing. An hour later than agreed, Levi walks in, looking incredible in a t-shirt that shows off just about every muscle in his JACKED body. He orders a water and gets out his protein shake, I order a Guinness 0.0.

"Alcohol’s for losers. I am an elite athlete and my body is a temple," he says as we order. I point out that my drink is non-alcoholic and he comments on "dead calories" and glances at my larger-than-I'd-like waist line.

We haven't started as well as I'd hoped we would.

Dave The Mark: You burst onto the scene in spectacular fashion here in RevPro, beating the Undisputed British Tag Team Champion Brendan White in singles action in the 229 back in May. You then had a tag title shot with Sha Samuels, which you weren't able to capitalise on, and then a singles loss to Luke Jacobs in Stevenage. Fast forward to now and we have seen you attack Undisputed British Heavyweight Champion Michael Oku in London and go hell for leather against David Francisco in Southampton. Even Joshua James and referee Dylan Harvey have felt the power of Levi Muir this past Sunday. So my first question has to be, what has prompted this change in attitude?

Levi Muir: Why are you talking about my losses? Have you not seen what I do to people who speak badly on my name? I just destroyed one Dave. I’ll smoke you too, you smelly virgin.

(Great start. I can feel the sweat on my brow already).

LM: As far as I’m concerned, I’m undefeated in RevPro. And don’t talk to me about no Greedy Souls either. That was a Sha Samuels problem. He’s dead weight. I had to ditch him. The Luke Jacob’s match? I’m still fairly new in this game and I was a bit confused by the rules. I thought a 3 count ended the ROUND, turns out it actually ended the MATCH. I spoke to the London Athletic Wrestling Commission and they said the Luke Jacob’s match will be expunged from my record so don’t mention that again either or I’ll body you like I bodied Ref Harv.

(I attempt to direct the interview back on course but he's off again...)

LM: Now onto more important matters - what’s prompted the attitude change? Because I can. Who’s gonna do something about it? Are you Dave? No you aren’t. Why? Because you can’t. I’m 6’1 240lb and I’m on HELLA calories and getting bigger by the day. I used to get bullied in this business, but now I’m bigger than everybody else so no one can tell me anything.

I hate Micheal Oku. That’s it. I’ll speak about it in depth at another time but he’s a fraud. Fugazi. A Small manchild. Me and OG Trent Seven share a similar dislike for him, so getting paid to put a bad, bad beatdown on the boy was a no brainier for me. That’s it. Simple. Two winners who both hate an individual, teaming up to exterminate the rat.

DTM: You talk about being bullied within the business - are you willing to elaborate?

LM: They don’t bully you to your face. Only behind your back. Derogatory messages in WhatsApp group’s. I see all. Typical spineless Pro-Wrestlers. That’s how weasels operate. You all know how I’ve felt. You just wanna fit in somewhere right? Work for your success? Achieve your dreams. But there’s always people talking behind your back, making you feel unwelcome and not giving you the opportunities you deserve. Small men who turn into big men in numbers. The worst type of human being. Now I’m self aware enough to realise it. Like I said, revenge has no expiration date.

(I think we are back on track. He's smiling.)

DTM: And you spoke about "getting paid" to put a "beatdown" on people. Can we clarify, do you mean paid by RevPro management regardless of these actions or paid by Trent Seven specifically to carry out these actions?

LM: Are you police? Do you want to know what colour underwear I have on today as well, Dave? Stop asking so many questions you chatty patty. Just know this is what happens when you take a man’s kindness for weakness.

(Jeez Louise, that derailed quickly.)

DTM: Ok. I'll try a different approach. Your match was heated with David Francisco this past Sunday. A lot was said on social media beforehand. Do you have any words for him now post-match?

LM: He should be thanking me, I taught him an invaluable life lesson. What’s the lesson today here, kids? ACCOUNTABILITY. Every action has a reaction. He thought he was untouchable. Thought the squad was gonna come save him. Wrong. Micheal Oku wasn’t even there on Sunday! Probably still laid up in a hospital somewhere with his little scrawny fractured neck. David dragged my name through the dirt, so I dragged my boot across his face. Bet he won’t be talking about my work ethic again in a rush since I put work in on his face.

(The smile on Levi's face in that last sentence is unnerving. I take a long, slow gulp of the Guinness 0.0)

Speaking of Michael Oku, how are you feeling ahead of this Sunday's match at the Portsmouth Guildhall?

Motivated to inflict as much damage as I can on him before his match with Trent at the Copperbox.

That’s it.

I’m aggressive, bloodthirsty and ready for the challenge. Trent said break him, so guess what ima do? Break him.

DTM: And if Trent walks out of the Copperbox no longer the 'Holder of the British Heavyweight Championship' but the 'UNDISPUTED British Heavyweight Championship', what then for you? Surely there is a part of you that enjoyed having that gold over your shoulder at the 1865?

LM: Look at you trying to put dissension in the ranks. You’re lucky I don’t slap you for that one, Dave, you cheeky bastard.

(I think I gulped nearly half the pint after that one and the sweat is not just in the brow now, I feel it dripping down my cheek.)

LM: Trent is the OG. My time will come. I’m a very focused and motivated individual. Tunnel visioned. And right now I’m tunnel visioned on breaking Micheal Oku.

DTM: Fair enough. Sorry, I didn't mean to cause offence.

(That stare!)

DTM: I won't take up any more of your time, but just one final question; it was your birthday this week, right? Where will Levi Muir be in five years time?

LM: Yep. 26 years old. Achieved more than most and still got lots more to do. You close your eyes and picture the highest point you can get to in this business. Whatever that looks like for you - that’s where I’ll be. Laughing all the way to the bank at everyone who said I’d never be here.

(Final gulp and a huge sense of relief.)

Ok, then. Thank you for your time and we await with... erm... abated breath, shall we say, your match at the Portsmouth Guildhall with Undisputed British Heavyweight Champion Michael Oku this Sunday. Have a good week preparing and, I... erm... look forward to catching up again soon.

And EXHALE. That was intense. He calls himself the Future World Champion. I challenge anyone to disagree. I certainly don't.

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