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Video: Live In Southampton 21 Backstage Comments

With Uprising less than one week away it's fight season in RevPro and as these comments during this past Sunday's event will show tensions are running high as each and every person is either looking to end 2022 on a high or is already looking ahead to a new year and new opportunities.

Time Stamps

00:00 JJ Gale

01:15 Shaun Jackson

02:28 Chris Bronson

02:27 Luke Jacobs

03:12 Leon Slater

04:02 Callum Newman

04:42 Will Kaven

05:24 Cameron Khai

06:10 Maya Matthews

07:25 Dani Luna

08:11 Lucian Phillips

08:38 Greedy Souls

09:17 Sunshine Machine

10:34 Michael Oku/Connor Mills

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