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Watch Champion vs Former Champion THIS SUNDAY on FITE!

It’s a battle of Champion vs Former Champion as the Undisputed British Women’s Championship takes centre stage when RevPro returns after a 5 month absence!

The challenger has a special place in RevPro history, for she was the woman to dethrone Jinny and end an 18-month undefeated streak in the process. This combined with her no-nonsense style and take no prisoners attitude really puts Jamie Hayter up there as perhaps the most dominant women’s champion in RevPro history.

However right now the current champion looks to take that title of most dominant champion for herself as she continues her goal to put the RevPro women’s division on the map and continue to make history.

After having her title stolen from her by Zoe Lucas, Hayter moved to Japan where she continued to raise her stock and gain in experience. Competing for Stardom as a member of Oedo Tai, Hayter captured both Goddesses of Stardom Championships (with Bea Priestley) & the SWA World Championship along the way. But now Hayter is back home and her first point of business is to go about recapturing the gold she feels she never should have lost.

Gisele Shaw has made it clear that when she came to RevPro all she cared about was championships, and now she has attained the ultimate accolade of becoming Women’s Champion, her focus has shifted onto legacy. Having defeated some of the best performers in the world including Taya Valkarie, Shanna, Mercedes Martinez, Tessa Blanchard & more it would be hard to argue that she isn’t well on her way to achieving her second goal as she continues to raise standards and blaze a trail like no other.

In Jamie Hayter, Shaw could be facing her toughest encounter to date. But this is the exact type of competition she signed up for and she will no doubt relish the challenge.

Do not miss this match tomorrow on FITE! These are two very, very physical women who are born winners & thrive under pressure, neither will be prepared to budge an inch and these truly are ingredients of an Epic Encounter.

Epic Encounters One will be streaming THIS SUNDAY, August 23rd on FITE! 8pm BST/3pm EST/12pm PST To pre-order the event click here:

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