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Will Ospreay out of Epic Encounter

We regret to inform you that Undisputed British Heavyweight Champion, Will Ospreay will not be competing at tomorrow’s Epic Encounter event.

On Thursday he had come down with what was thought to be food poisoning and it was assumed he would be good to go, come show time.

However as time went on, he got progressively worse to the extent he was rushed to A&E and after an examination, he has today been diagnosed with a Kidney infection.

The timing of this couldn’t be worse for us, but the health of our performers is paramount & our immediate thoughts are with Ospreay as he recuperates and gets himself back to full health.

We appreciate that there will be disappointment surrounding this announcement, no one was looking forward to the Suzuki Vs Ospreay contest more than us & we will do everything we can to reschedule it for a later date.

We wanted to communicate this news to you at the earliest possible opportunity and as a result don’t have a complete picture of what this means for tomorrows event. But rest assured, Minoru Suzuki has arrived safely in the UK this afternoon and will still be making his long awaited return to a Revolution Pro Wrestling ring.

Ultimately, despite this setback we remain committed to presenting an unforgettable night of Pro Wrestling At Its Best.

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Alvin Wilcox
Alvin Wilcox
12 sept 2023

Fighter Will Ospreay, known for his incredible athletic achievements, faced a serious illness that forced him to leave the sport. At the same time, I also faced erection problem, which greatly affected my life. Like Will, I decided to look for a solution and turned to gainswave therapy. This method helped me restore my health and confidence, just as a fighter once returned to normal life after illness.

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