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Article: A preview of Live In London 77

Sunday 3rd September is RevPro Sunday! Pro-Wrestling At It's Best returns to the 229 after our record breaking show at the Copper Box Arena last Saturday. If you were unable to attend the 11th Anniversary Show, it is available on now and 10 Takeaways From The Copper Box are available on the website if you need the TLDR version.

With so many talking points coming away from last weekend, we have a stacked card for the 229 with eight matches, including a championship defence, ready for you this Sunday. So without further adieu, let's look ahead to Live In London 77. Finally, our Undisputed British Heavyweight Champion can enter the 229 with his championship belt having unequivocally vanquished Trent Seven at the Copper Box Arena, with the veteran forced to tap out to the Half Crab on the very belt he held hostage for the best part of two months. Trent and his insurance policy, Levi Muir, did everything they could to ensure the belt stayed with the Enfield Massive but justice prevailed. We should be able to enjoy a 229 without either Trent or Levi after their antics in the same venue last month, hospitalising Michael Oku on a post-match attack but we will get to enjoy our champion in action as he faces Cameron Khai. Cameron is one of the breakout stars of Revolution Pro Wrestling in 2023 and many look back to February when he took our Undisputed British Heavyweight Champion to his absolute limits in a blistering 20 minute contest; a star making performance. Since then Michael Oku has taken Khai under his wing, with the two tagging in Stevenage and coming to one another's rescue at different points over the last six months. As the youngest wrestler on the RevPro roster, Khai has shown an in-ring maturity well beyond his years and encompasses the RevPro mantra of "Win Or Learn" each and every time he enters the squared circle. After Levi and Trent both took Oku into his deepest depths over the last two weeks, this could be a good time to face the champion and Cameron will be keen to show the champ how much he has developed over 2023. It still seems difficult to think of Michael Oku and not immediately think of his former Destination Everywhere partner, Connor Mills. 'True Grit' survived the Copper Box Arena by evading the attempts of Sha Samuels, Robbie X, 'Wild Boar' Mike Hitchman, Jordon Breaks and Callum Newman to separate Mills from the British Cruiserweight Championship. All of the men involved will want to get the chance to face Mills one on one but none deserve it more so than Sha Samuels. At the 11th Anniversary Show the stars seemed to align for Sha; 11 years to the day since he headlined the first RevPro show, in EAST London and with every single opponent Spinebustered, Sha hit Callum Newman with the Moonsault and the Copper Box was braced to explode for their home town hero. But Connor Mills didn't need to beat his opponents, he just needed to escape them. He did just that, of course, shoving Sha off to pick at his remains, and pick up the 1-2-3 over Newman. Mills responded to this match announcement with disgust - Sha lost. End of story. They all lost. But then this was the man who said he'd happily watch on at the Copper Box and enjoy the night off. Something tells us he will be a fighting champion, whether he wants to be or not. Another man with his eyes on the Undisputed British Cruiserweight Championship is Robbie X who will face JJ Gale at the 229 this Sunday. Robbie was not pinned in the scramble match and was arguably the MVP of the contest and so will be determined to work his way back into the number 1 contender's spot. After all, The King of the Cruiserweights was on course to become the most successful Cruiserweight Champion in RevPro history before Mills took the low road at Epic Encounter to secure victory. JJ Gale on the other hand is vying to take that same spot on the card, as the most in-form Cruiserweight in the division, with six singles wins in his last nine, including last time out going over TMDK's Kosei Fujita in the biggest match of his career. JJ has his eyes set on Zack Sabre Jr and has complete tunnel vision on ZSJ but is keen to pursue the Cruiserweight Championship thereafter. Last time out it was Robbie X who took the victory between these two but the JJ Gale of late is a different animal entirely and we may well see a different result this time out. We certainly wouldn't want to be a betting man going into this one. This card is full of the stars of the 11th Anniversary Show and did anyone leave Stratford with more hype than Luke Jacobs? In what many people are calling the match of the weekend, the 'Young Gun' showed the world what the future of strong-style looks like as he came within a hare's breath of defeating the 'Stone Pitbull', Mr. Strong-Style himself, Tomohiro Ishii. On Sunday Jacobs returns to the 229 to face 'Wild Boar' Mike Hitchman, a man who will be keen to press his own claim to the Cruiserweight Championship. Just two weeks before the 11th Anniversary Show, 'The Cruiserweight Monster' secured a victory over Connor Mills in a three way match with Callum Newman and the Welsh native may well feel aggrieved that he has not had a singles shot at the belt since. He will be keen to defeat former Cruiserweight Champion Luke Jacobs to push his cause. We are just weeks away from the British J Cup and all of the contenders will be desperate to go into the tournament as champion, none more so than the Boar. What's next for Jacobs? Well victory here would certainly push him towards that gold he eyed up at the end of Great O Khan's defeat to Michael Oku at Epic Encounter. That feels like a match everyone in Revolution Pro Wrestling is clamouring to see down the line. Speaking of upcoming tournaments, as we move into Autumn we enter Great British Tag League season and the 229 sees two big tag team matches, with Greedy Souls facing VeloCities in a rematch from last month's 229 show and Sunshine Machine facing The Knights, RKJ and Zak Knight. VeloCities pushed Subculture to their limits at the Copper Box. Last year's Tag League winners came within touching distance of the belts they've been chasing since their RevPro debut in 2019. Their opponents on Sunday are former tag team champions, carrying the belts for the best part of a year, and desperate to seize them back from Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews. They made their feelings clear at the 11th Anniversary Show, gate crashing the post-match and totalling everyone in the ring, including hitting Dani Luna with a brutal Soul Destroyer. Souls want Subculture and will go through anyone and do anything to get to them. VeloCities will be keen to avenge the Copper Box attack, with a victory going a long way to doing that. They'll also be looking ahead to the Tag League with eyes on being the first team to win it twice, in back to back years, so will be highly motivated to get back to winning aways at the first attempt. Sunshine Machine will also be keen to get back to winning ways after losing out last month to Subculture. After carrying the Undisputed British Tag Team Championships for much of 2022, TK Cooper and Chuck Mambo will want to enter the Tag League and will be keen to build momentum after their victory CPF in the 1865 three weeks ago, their first win since defeating Charlie Sterling and Shaun Jackson in January. Their opponents are working as a tag team for the first time in a RevPro ring since January 2022. On that night, Zak Knight stepped in for his brother Roy to partner Ricky Knight Jr and defend their Undisputed British Tag Team Championships against none other than Sundays opponents, Sunshine Machine. Can TK and Mambo repeat the result from 20 months ago, or will the Knight family celebrations at Wembley help Ricky and Zak develop that all important tag team chemistry? This one is incredibly tough to call and, as we always say, styles make matches, and there will be a true clash of styles when the heavy hitting Knights face the fast paced, duel offence of Sunshine Machine. As well as the Heavyweight and Cruiserweight Championships, we will also see the Undisputed British Women's Champion in action as Alex Windsor faces Maya Matthews. In a non-title bout, as Dani Luna earned the number 1 contenders spot at the Copper Box, Maya has the opportunity to get some payback on her former mentor after the events of the past six weeks. After capturing the strap in York Hall, Windsor didn't give a moment's hesitation before dropping Matthews with the gnarliest headbutt you'll see all year, and, yes we include Ishii and Jacobs trying to break each others' faces this past weekend. Fast forward a month and lightning struck twice but in much harsher circumstances - after defeating Hyan, somewhat controversially, in the 229, The Iron Willed Champion berated Maya and cruelly mocked their friendship before dropping her once more with the headbutt. It is safe to say, the Portsmouth School of Wrestling graduate will be out for revenge and Windsor will need to be on her game; this isn't the same wrestler she beat in Sheffield in Maya's debut a year ago. After breakout wins over Dani Luna and Skye Smitson in 2023, Matthews will be confident and desperate to prove herself. And last but not least we have a match which must surely have fans as excited as we are to deliver it. Fresh from his victory over 'Drilla' Moloney last weekend, Leon Slater has the whole world talking about him. His opponent this Sunday is Gabe Kidd, whose G1 debut for New Japan Pro Wrestling had the whole world talking about him. Add in the close personal relationship between both men and we have star power, heat and a styles clash - a truly wonderful combination. Slater is the breakout star of the last 12 months with his matches against 'Speedball' Mike Bailey, Will Ospreay and the Drilla drawing critical acclaim. Meanwhile, Gabe brought violence to the most prestigious wrestling tournament in Japan like no one ever has. Here in England, Gabe had previously taken Slater under his mentorship, with him, Moloney and Leon all being tight backstage and frequently travelling the roads together. With Drilla turning on 'The Youngest In Charge' at Epic Encounter and the two tearing the roof off of the Copper Box, the 'War Dog' is keen to do what his Bullet Club partner couldn't and "take care of business". Expect a strong style approach from Kidd, whose mat game and high speed power is seriously underated. From Slater, expect high octane offence but remember his submission skills and striking game are also underrated, taken lessons from his defeats to ZSJ and Speedball respectively. We don't know how this one will go but what we do know is that it will bang. And it will bang hard. Needless to say, both Leon and Gabe will be War Ready. And so there we have it, with the British J Cup and the Great British Tag League on the horizon, we hit the 229 for RevPro Sunday and hope to welcome you there, to the Revolution, where we can guarantee Pro Wrestling At It's Best. Join us in London in person, with tickets available below or join us on for the live stream. Doors at 3.30pm. First bell 4.30pm.

Tickets available now:

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Albert Dexter
Albert Dexter
Sep 27, 2023

I'm excited about the upcoming "Live In London 77" concert! This event promises to be a nostalgic trip back in time to experience the energy and talent of that era. The article provides a tantalizing glimpse of what's in store, and I can't wait to relive the magic of '77. Also, I don't endorse hire essay writers for legitimate academic purposes.


Albert Dexter
Albert Dexter
Sep 22, 2023

"Live In London 77 offers an electrifying glimpse into a legendary concert experience. The energy and passion of the performance are truly captivating. In today's world of virtual concerts and zoom-alternatives, this release serves as a reminder of the raw, unfiltered magic of live music, transporting us back to an era when music filled the air with tangible excitement."

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