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14th January - Revolution Pro Twitter Q&A

Straight away, we had questions about High Stakes, and our Undisputed British Heavyweight Champion as @Slammedtodeath asked, “When are we going to see the big champ (ZSJ) defend his title in the UK again? I know the title is sanctioned in Japan as well now, but it'll be nice to see the British Champ defend his title in Britain?” to which our Twitter replied, “We’ve made it very clear there will be a British Heavyweight Championship match at High Stakes” with @thesmarkscast rightly pointing out “Obviously, the title is on the line at New Beginnings two weeks before High Stakes, I’m assuming we won’t know who’s in it until then?”

We had questions also about the title unifications such as “Will the Southside Heavyweight title be unified with the British Heavyweight title?” which was confirmed as being “the plan for down the line”.

Questions about match announcements were also asked for our Portsmouth Guildhall, High Stakes and Bristol shows from @LukeJonHarris and @WholeShow with all of these announcements “coming soon”, as well as will there certain future shows such as a Global Wars for this year, a Manchester show and a York Hall show for the Easter holidays, which we hope to happen “if dates and locations work out” as well as schedules, as for our next York Hall show, we are “working on the date” but “it will probably be after Easter holidays”.

We received questions about show releases for our Video On Demand service as @Slammedtodeath asked “when can we expect the two Sheffield Shows on rpw on demand?” and @SJSutton1420 asking “when will we see old Southside shows appear?”, unfortunately, we are “not sure on Sheffield. The remaining Southampton show is being worked on now so should be up soon along with many shows from the Southside back library” with some Southside shows “already up with more added over the next few weeks”.

Many people asked about appearances from different wrestlers. @Angelus619 asked “Will we see TJP again at a Rev Pro Show?” which we hope will happen. Many fans were asking for different wrestlers we possibly had not seen before as @UKwrestlingtom asked “can we pls get some more Japanese ladies in 2020? Maybe even some luchadoras?” as well as @youell1986 asking “any chances on having a legend over for a show this year similar to what you've done before with Bret Hart and Sting?” and @NicLempriere with “following Liger’s retirement, is there anybody (Suzuki notwithstanding) that can step in as a regular international special attraction AND draw?” We would just like to know who you would like to see.

It was also lovely to know that you guys wanted to see how Shota Umino is getting on while he's here as @lmp0st3rSn0w asked: “How is ‘Shooter’ doing?”. He is doing “great. It’s a secret to absolutely nobody that he is going to be a huge star. Take advantage of every opportunity you get to see him!”

Thank you for getting involved with our Twitter Q&A. If you aren’t following us on Twitter already, our handle is @RevProUK which you can follow for future Q&As and other announcements.

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