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Weekly Twitter Q&A: Mar 4th

Here's the full transcript from this week's Twitter Q&A If you have a question you would like answered, we do a Q&A every single Friday on Twitter. Follow @RevProUK for more!

Will @KidLykos be saying "Oi, Oi, Oiiiii" on Saturday? There was a distinct lack of Oi being said at the St Neots show #AskRevPro

That’s a very interesting question that only one wolf can answer.

Any clues as to what to expect over the anniversary weekender in August?


I saw some new dates were announced for Huntingdon, Stevenage and York Hall. When are these going on sale please? #AskRevPro

Everything will be on sale in due course, sooner rather than later!

How does it feel to get suzuki back in the uk? any plans for more talent from njpw to come to shows down the line? especially the summer sizzler show? *nudge nudge*

We’ve made no secret it’s always been a goal to be able to bring back names from NJ as soon as it became more viable. It feels like a step in the right direction. Here’s hoping we can keep moving that way!

Will there be Meet & Greets for Epic Encounter? #AskRevPro

Yes we’re pleased to say meet and greets will be returning!

Have you thought about a larger venue in Huntingdon? The Performing Arts Centre maybe?

When we consistently sell out the current one in advance

Any idea when we can expect the St Neots show to be uploaded to the On Demand service? Will there by advanced booking for many more of the York Hall card? #AskRevPro

Next few days. The rest of the Epic Encounter card will take shape over the next few shows!

#askrevpro you've announced Ospreay Vs Suzuki for Epic Encounters, What are the chances of Sabre being on that show?

No plans right now but we’d love to have ZSJ back!

If you missed out on your chance to have your question answered then make sure to follow us on Twitter and turn on notifications to never miss a Q&A!

Remember, we are back at the Gordon Craig Theatre in Stevenage tomorrow evening!

Tickets are on sale HERE! The full card is as follows:

- Misterioso vs Ricky Knight Jr

- Hyan vs Chantal Jordan

- Dunkzilla Davis vs Yota Tsuji

Undisputed British Cruiserweight Championship

- Michael Oku vs Connor Mills vs JJ Gale vs Callum Newman vs Joe Lando vs Nico Angelo

- Luke Jacobs vs Shota Umino

- Kyle Fletcher vs Alex Coughlin

Undisputed British Tag Team Championship

- Sunshine Machine vs Lykos Gym

- Robbie X vs Dan Moloney

Remember if you can't be there live, check out where you'll be able to catch the show within a few days of the events conclusion

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