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Weekly Twitter Q&A: Feb 25th

Here's the full transcript from this week's Twitter Q&A If you have a question you would like answered, we do a Q&A every single Friday on Twitter. Follow @RevProUK for more!

Do we know who is replacing lio rush for next week at Stevenage?

We're still working. It's a busy weekend for international wrestling.

#AskRevPro would you consider Cladio? And would you book Cladio vs Haskins?

Assuming you mean Claudio, there probably isn't a wrestling promotion in the world that wouldn't be interested in him.

Zack Sabre Jr?

This Zack Sabre?

Can you come to Australia please?

We would love to one day soon 🙌

Would the results from sunday show affect the announcing of anything stevenage related ?


Back to Bristol soon? Missed the last one due to isolation :(

Hopefully! 2022 plans slowed a lot in December when we would normally confirm things because of how uncertain everything was. Now things are *touch wood* looking better we're starting to up the schedule!

This is not an attack - But the first match announced for St Neots only a week before the show. The card only fully announced days out. Nothing announced for the Stevenage show the week after. Is everything okay as I loved seeing shows take shape weeks in advance in the past?

Understandable. We have said recently it's about finding the balance between story telling and announcing things in advance with such an increased schedule. There have also been a lot of moving pieces as of late...

We hope that you know what to expect when we put our logo on something but will absolutely work at finding a better balance between whats announced in well in advance and then the week of

Do wrestlers sell merch at merch tables ? #AskRevPro

We're going to start reintroducing supervised meet & greets with select wrestlers on rotation at each event. It won't be a market stall free-for-all like may have been seen pre pandemic.

Any updates on the next York Hall show please? #AskRevPro

On the way

Any plans to increase the number of title matches? The St Neots card looks good - looks like none of the RevPro belts are on the line though #AskRevPro

Emphasis on meaning behind defences rather than defences for the sake of them means that there won't necessarily be defences on every single show. But know that every show will have matches of importance when it comes to the title landscape and this Sunday is no different

#AskRevPro do you think the pandemic has made easier or harder to book shows? Yes, there’s not a lot of big name talent come over from the US or Japan, but there’s also a good portion of home grown talent that have definitely made names for themselves during the pandemic.

More challenging for sure. But also more rewarding!

If you missed out on your chance to have your question answered then make sure to follow us on Twitter and turn on notifications to never miss a Q&A!

Remember, we are back at the Priory Centre in St Neots in just 2 days time!

Tickets are on sale HERE!

Full Card Below :

- The Hex vs Hyan & Laura Di Matteo

- Dan Moloney vs JK Roberts

- Alex Coughlin vs Luke Jacobs

- Kid Lykos vs Chuck Mambo

- Kid Lykos II vs TK Cooper

- Aussie Open vs JJ Gale & Callum Newman

- Shota Umino & Yota Tsuji vs Destination Everywhere

- Robbie X vs Ricky Knight Jr

If you can’t be there live, the next best thing is to check out where you’ll be able to watch the event within approximately 48 hours of the events conclusion.

***2 week free trial for new subscribers. $8.49 / £6.35 per month with no commitments. RPWOnDemand is available via web/iOS/Android/Roku***

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