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Weekly Twitter Q&A: Mar 25th

Here's the full transcript from this week's Twitter Q&A If you have a question you would like answered, we do a Q&A every single Friday on Twitter. Follow @RevProUK for more!

How many people are looking at talent to be used for future shows and can bring ideas forward? What is the general process?

An audience of one. But there are plenty of people offering recommendations & many routes in. The key part of the process is being good at professional wrestling.

Zack Sabre Jr? (- Mad Kurt)

Welcome back! Will the show from St Neots be uploaded to the On Demand service?

Yes, all outstanding shows should be up by the end of next week

With ZSJ beating Ospreay (allegedly?!) does ZSJ get either Ospreay or Suzuki?

Well that would be good wouldn't it!

Beyond excited for the anniversary shows. When will tickets go on sale and will combo tickets be an option ?

Just because it's complicated with all seats allocated initially there will only be combo tickets available (which we hope to get on sale in the next week) then it will move to individual shows. We will do pre-sales and general sales on both!

Any chance of coming back to rivermead in Reading?

Hopefully one day. Given the size of the building it has to be the right show/lineup

Any more announcements for the Epic Encounters card and any plans to bring in AEW talent to shows?

Over the next few weeks with shows in London, Huntingdon & Southampton a lot more direction should become clearer

What is the biggest match in tag team wrestling right now and why is it The Velocities vs Aussie Open #AskRevPro

Two of the best teams in the world looking to prove they are the best team in the world.

Welcome back! How was your break?

Wonderful thanks! Now refreshed, recharged and ready to get back at it!

Any updates on the show for next Sunday at 229?

Coming shortly!

Is epic encounter shaping up to be the highest attended event since before covid?


Any chance we see some Spaniards like @CarlosRomoPW or @IssIPw working with/returning to Rev Pro? #AskRevPro

Of course.

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Remember to check out the video below running down some key dates for Revolution Pro Wrestling across 2022, as always you can get your tickets for any event HERE!

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