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Dan Moloney selects Lee Hunter as mystery partner in London

This past Sunday at the 229, Ricky Knight Jr finally got his opportunity to get his hands on Dan Moloney following his actions over the last fortnight but with RKJ having the Innovator of Xcellence at the tag rope for him, Moloney kept his partner for the contest a mystery, not permitting RKJ and Robbie X the time to strategise for whoever the Drilla had sourced.

It came as a surprise to many in attendance that Lee Hunter was the man that Moloney had seemingly formed an alliance with heading into this contest despite that only a handful of weeks ago in St Neots, the two fought on opposing sides in elimination tag team competition.

Some may assume Hunter perhaps feels overlooked in Revolution Pro Wrestling by management and even his colleagues which isn’t too difficult to believe considering he was the only man from his team eliminated in their Seasons Beatings clash

and his singles record in recent times has been at an all time low.

Both Hunter and Moloney worked in tandem on Sunday night and showed huge promise as a cohesive team with the duo going as far as to stand victoriois over Robbie X and RKJ demonstrating the effectiveness of Hunter's newly found aggression in the ring.

This new lease of life and partnership with Dan Moloney might be exactly what Hunter needs to get his head together and turn the tide on his legacy in Revolution Pro Wrestling, picking up victories and may conceivably lead him back on route to that Undisputed British Cruiserweight Championship.

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