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5 Possible Contenders for the Undisputed British Cruiserweight Championship

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

After his recent victory at High Stakes, we have a look at 5 possible competitors to Michael Oku's, Undisputed British Cruiserweight Championship.


Let’s get the most obvious out the way first. El Phantasmo won’t be wanting to be out of the title picture for too long, that is for sure. Before he joined Bullet Club, he coveted the Cruiserweight Championship, facing David Starr three separate times for the belt before winning it at Epic Encounter in a gruelling Ladder match! He will want to claim “his” title back by any means necessary.

ELP had a poor start in 2020 losing both the IWGP Junior Tag Team Championships and the Undisputed British Cruiserweight Championship.

Ever since he lost his Cruiserweight Championship belt to Michael Oku at High Stakes, he is yet to lose in Revolution Pro, picking up victories over the likes of TK Cooper in singles action as well as defeating Shaun Jackson, Carlos Romo and the Speedking Champion Ricky Knight Jr in a fatal four-way match. Could his victory in the fatal four-way match put him in contention for a shot at the Speedking Championship and make his way to the Undisputed British Cruiserweight Championship from there? Or will ELP go straight after Oku?


With the knowledge that all the Southside and Revolution Pro championships are to be unified, surely this match must be on its way. RKJ even hinted at this possibility at Live at the Cockpit 50, as he was holding his Speedking Championship aloft, he eyed up the Undisputed British Cruiserweight Championship. That match, however, will only be on its way, if ‘Mr Pure-action’ can keep hold of his title. As at Live at the Cockpit 50, the Speedking Champion was pinned by LJ Cleary of More Than Hype, who now has a claim to face RKJ for the Speedking title as a result.

RKJ, however, has proven that when it comes to the big stage, when his title is on the line, he can pull out all the stops to make sure his belt stays around his waist. Could RKJ be the man to unify the Speedking Championship and the Undisputed British Cruiserweight Championship?


After what happened at Live in Southampton 12, nothing is off the cards for Mills, after he struck the back of Oku’s head with his ‘Black Mass’, betraying his friend, after Oku had professed how much his opponent meant to him in his already storied wrestling career.

At Live at the Cockpit 50, Mills, not scheduled to appear, ran from the back, to distract Oku from his match. Oku’s emotions got the better of him, as he dropped his former friend with a dropkick before tagging out, as they fought violently out of the building.

Connor Mills has already proven that he will stop at nothing to get to Oku, to catch him off guard and get into his head. Will the mind games of Mills possibly be enough to relinquish the belt from his former friend? Or will Oku’s newfound ferocity stop Mills in his tracks before he’s even got going?


The ‘French Senzation’ is an interesting pick. He always impresses with his incredible high-flying and creative offense, picking up wins here, there, and everywhere, however, opposite to that of Ricky Knight Jr, when it comes to the big stage, or for a championship, he seems to have a string of bad luck. The most recent example of this was when facing both Darius Lockhart & RKJ for the Speedking Championship. Senza had all the momentum on his side, coming out with some incredible creative offense, including an incredible ‘sunset-flip Canadian destroyer’, however, he couldn’t recover in time, as RKJ hit a piledriver on Lockhart to pick up the victory.

He’s picked up impressive wins, over the likes of Mike Bailey, Carlos Romo, and Robbie X, but is yet to pick up a win at York Hall or in championship bouts. Has the ‘French Senzation’ got a new game plan for the turn of the year to get him closer to the Undisputed British Cruiserweight Championship?


Haskins is currently undefeated this year in Revolution Pro. He may be a wrestler who has somewhat slipped under the radar as a possible cruiserweight challenger, but with documented wins over Shota Umino, Kyle Fletcher and Sean Kustom, as well as winning the most recent 6-man scramble match at York Hall, Haskins’ name can’t be left out of the picture.

A veteran of the British wrestling scene, he will and can do anything to win. His intensity and speed are unmatched in the world of wrestling, and his ability to create a situation and use it to his advantage, (even if it’s technically not within the rules of wrestling) makes him a dangerous opponent for anyone to face.

If Haskins was to get a shot at the Undisputed British Cruiserweight Championship, he would have a clear numbers advantage, as not only would he have his wife, Vicky, in his corner for tactical assistance, but also, The Legion would likely come running to his aid if he looked like he was going to lose the match, which is what happened between Haskins and Shota Umino at Live at the Portsmouth Guildhall. Whoever, Haskins would face, the odds would certainly be in his favour.

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