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An In-depth look at the Contenders Division - SHAUN JACKSON

Every Friday, we take an in-depth look at each member of the contender's division. This week we take a look at contender SHAUN JACKSON.

Height: 6'1

Weight: 240lbs

Wrestling Style: Powerhouse/All-rounder


- SHAUN JACKSON vs KENNETH HALFPENNY - Live in Southampton 7 (Debut)


- SHAUN JACKSON vs GABRIEL KIDD - Summer Sizzler 2019



SHAUN JACKSON is arguably, the most impressive athlete from this current crop of the Contenders division, with his roll through fisherman suplex and his double jump blockbuster both impressive and varied pieces of his arsenal.

JACKSON is also the most accomplished tag wrestler from the contender's division, with impressive tag performances with multiple partners. When tagging with KENNETH HALFPENNY, they've had incredible performances against the team of JJ GALE & BRENDAN WHITE, picking up a well-deserved win, as well as both having an impressive match against TEAM WHITEWOLF. JACKSON has also battled the tag team champions, THE LEGION with JJ GALE by his side, both putting in exceptional performances, but unfortunately, they were unable to topple the experienced tag champions.

Arguably JACKSON's most impressive performance in tag wrestling was with GABRIEL KIDD as KIDD and JACKSON made it to the semi-finals of the Royal Quest Tag Team Tournament.

JACKSON has a strong sense of loyalty and comradery for the other members of the contender's division, for example, after SAMUELS tapped out KIDD, and started berating KIDD whilst standing over his lifeless body, JACKSON came to the aid of KIDD by delivering a German suplex to SHA SAMUELS and forcing SAMUELS out of the ring. JACKSON then offered his hand out to KIDD, which after some deliberating, accepted as a sign of respect for JACKSON's ability and honesty. JACKSON understands the competitiveness of the Contenders division, however, he also knows that they are all working together to make themselves better.

JACKSON's and KIDD's relationship came to a head as they faced each other at Summer Sizzler 2019, in KIDD's last York Hall show to date. KIDD threw everything he had at JACKSON to pick up the win. When speaking with JACKSON, he was very somber about his York Hall appearance against KIDD, "my match with Gabe should have been the highlight of my wrestling career, but I was underprepared, he outfought me, he was quicker than me, he was better than me on the day in every way". After their match, KIDD saw that JACKSON was disappointed in his fight that night. KIDD sat beside JACKSON and said to him "we should have a second match, a part two". JACKSON intends to hold KIDD to his word, as when they both meet again, they will be two very different competitors adding an extra x-factor to the match-up.

Commenting on how the match at Summer Sizzler affected JACKSON, he also said his goal for 2020 was to get back to York Hall. "I wanna get back there, put in a better fighting performance that I know I can and right that wrong. But you never get a second chance at a first impression and I know the fans at York Hall deserve better!"

After KIDD left for the NJPW LA Dojo, JACKSON tried to make his own headway, however, after a few singles bouts, JACKSON realised he was at his best in tag competition. His first major tag-partnership was with JJ GALE against THE LEGION, and, even though both competitors put in a tremendous performance, JACKSON didn't feel GALE was the right fit for him as a tag partner even though he has a huge amount of respect for GALE as a competitor. JACKSON seems to have got third time lucky as he is now partnering with KENNETH HALFPENNY. Currently, the partnership is going very well for both parties, with JACKSON's athleticism complimenting HALFPENNY's technical ability and smarts. JACKSON spoke on their match together against fellow Contender's division members JJ GALE & BRENDAN WHITE at Live in Huntingdon 1. "I was so ecstatic with that match, we went out there, the crowd didn't know who we were and we managed to get the win. The group of us (HALFPENNY, WHITE & GALE) managed to win over the crowd by the end and that was because of everyone in the Contender's division fighting hard, fighting fair and just going for it, that is what this division is all about".

JACKSON spoke on what sets him apart from the other contenders, speaking candidly, "I believe I'm more of an all-round athlete, I have a real mix of speed and power, I can mix it up with whoever is in the ring with me. If I'm in there with someone who is stronger than me, I likely have the speed advantage, if I'm in there with someone who's faster than me, I likely have the power advantage, this allows me to be more flexible in the ring, I can change up my game plan easier than the other Contenders I think."

JACKSON is an impressive athlete with a work ethic to match. His athletic range gives him the ability to vary his gameplan when facing different opponents. JACKSON's overall an impressive wrestler in all aspects, however, his tag wrestling in RevPro is already remarkable, gaining important wins and putting in commendable performances across the board. With his athletic range, JACKSON could become a formidable force in Revolution Pro.

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