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Gabriel Kidd confronts Will Ospreay.

This past Sunday in London, Will Ospreay joined his United Empire stablemates in ring celebrations after Aussie Open were victorious over Shota Umino and Yota Tsuji. As the Assassin entered the ring and looked to get comfortable, Gabriel Kidd confronted the Kingpin, reinforcing to the champion that he had just defeated the current number one contender in Ricky Knight Jr leaving himself feeling entitled to a shot at the Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship.

Upon the challenge layed down by Kidd to Ospreay, Will looked to entertain the challenge for Southampton this Sunday yet Kidd was quickly snapped back into the reality of the Empire as Ospreay declared Gabriel Kidd can go one on one with the Aussie Arrow, Kyle Fletcher.

Will Gabriel Kidd be able to work his way though Kyle Fletcher and jump one hurdle on his way to becoming champion, or will the Aussie Arrow be able to make light work of Gabriel Kidd and return their focus reclaiming the Undisputed British Tag Team Championships? Find out Sunday! Tickets on sale HERE

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