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High Stakes 2022 : Analysing Sunshine Machines rise to championship success

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Just two short weeks ago, Sunshine Machine picked up a huge win in London as they defeated Ricky Knight Jr and Zak Knight to finally capture the Undisputed British Tag Team Championships.

The development of Sunshine Machine across the last six months has been incredible as they have picked up a number of wins against the likes of Doug Williams & Brendan White, NJPW LA Dojo members Fredericks & Coughlin and a pair of former tag team champions in Redman & Sterling and Destination Everywhere. All these victories gave them the confidence to capture the Undisputed British Tag Team Championships. However, TK Cooper and Chuck Mambo did not seem 100% content with their victory.

Following their title capturing win against the Knights, Sunshine Machine took a moment to address the fans who have been with them on every step of their journey towards tag team gold. Despite the obvious joy in their voices, there was also a semblance of frustration.

That frustration was centred around two men 9400 miles away: Aussie Open.

Cooper explained that, despite Sunshine Machine having already captured the Championships, they felt like only a further victory over Fletcher and Davis would solidify their reign and claim to be the best tag team in the world right now.

Yes, they were able to upset the United Empire members in December (triggering off a run of events that would eventually see Aussie Open suspended and sent back to their homeland) but they did so on a night where it was unquestionably their best night, whereas the same cannot be said for their opposition who were coming into the contest with a different mindset, off the back of the high profile loss of their tag team championships and with nothing to play for.

In the minds of both Cooper and Mambo they didn’t beat the same Aussie Open that they had watched monopolise the tag division in the prior months. On January 29th at York Hall, they want Aussie Open at the very top of their game.

In a past life, TK Cooper and Chuck Mambo were wrestling with one simple goal in mind, to escape the midcard. But that was the past. Since this point both men have gone above and beyond, putting every ounce of energy into becoming the jewel in the crown of the tag team division. It’s that hard work, determination & focus that has allowed them to blossom into a team who aren’t just ‘fun,’ who overcome adversity and compete and defeat the best wrestlers in the world. It’s this new found focus that has been able to turn two men into a machine.

Sunshine Machine may be the most in form tag team in Revolution Pro Wrestling right now, but will they be able to conquer Fletcher and Davis on their best night? We will find out on Saturday January 29th at High Stakes 2022 live from the UK’s most iconic combat sports venue, York Hall Bethnal Green.

Tickets for High Stakes 2022 featuring this clash between Sunshine Machine and Aussie Open can be purchased HERE

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