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Live In Portsmouth Preview

Sunday 20th August is RevPro Sunday! Keeping Pro-Wrestling At It's Best on the south coast, we are heading east from the 1865 in Southampton to the Portsmouth Guildhall. Sunday's show was yet another shot in the arm of adrenaline on the road to the Copper Box and Portsmouth is our final stop. If you were unable to attend at the Live in Southampton 25 show, it is available at now and 10 Takeaways From The 1865 are available on the website if you need the TLDR version. So, without further adieu, let's look ahead to Revolution Pro-Wrestling Live In Portsmouth. Well, where else can we start this preview other than with the man we sat down with earlier this week, Levi Muir who finds himself opposite the Undisputed British Heavyweight Champion Michael Oku this Sunday. What a couple of weeks these two have had. On the one hand, Levi has taken the Revolution Pro fanbase by absolute shock, attacking Oku from behind at the 229 before teaching David Francisco the life lesson of "accountability" in the 1865. On the other hand, Michael Oku was hospitalised after Levi's attack and absent from Southampton, testing his neck in an exhibition match with Roderick Strong in PWG.

Levi told me in our sat down that he has "tunnel vision on breaking" the Undisputed British Heavyweight Champion because "Trent said break him". The Champion Without a Championship is heading into the biggest night of his entire life but pitting it all on the line facing, quite possibly, the most dangerous man in European wrestling right now, just six days before he faces Trent Seven to reclaim what is truly his; the Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship. Appointment viewing, this one; must watch Pro-Wrestling. Appointment viewing of an entirely different manner comes in the rare form of a mixed gender six person match, with Subculture facing Skye Smitson and Greedy Souls. Luna, Flash & Andrews are a united team whereas Smitson says she is teaming with Souls "because [she's] getting paid to". However we would be fools to dismiss the one-time-only team; Smitson is used to working as part of a team in The Legion, Greedy Souls are quite possibly the best TEAM in Revolution Pro-Wrestling and they have a mutual enemy in Subculture across the tag team and women's divisions. Smitson and Luna have had a heated rivalry for the entire summer and both will be desperate to get their hands on one another. Souls lost their Undisputed British Tag Team Championships to Subculture last month at Epic Encounter and, realistically, they need a victory here to get themselves back in contention after VeloCities were announced #1 contenders to the gold. We announced earlier this week that Alex Windsor would face Mickie James and Hyan next Saturday for the 11th Anniversary Show and Hyan has the opportunity to prepare for that match this Sunday against Windsor's former protege Maya Matthews. Maya is a an enormous talent with unlimited potential, shown in her growing performances, her "win or learn" attitude and her huge breakout victory over Dani Luna earlier this year. In more recent weeks, though, 'Fighting Spirit' has found herself at the mercy of the 'Iron Willed' Champion, who rocked Matthews with headbutts at both York Hall AND the 229, leaving her on her back and wondering where her friendship with Windsor went. Matthews won't want to do the champion any favours against Hyan but she has her own date with destiny with Windsor inevitably somewhere down the road and, if she can secure a victory over the 'Renaissance Woman' in Portsmouth, you'd have to expect RevPro officials to make that match for the Undisputed British Women's Championship. Elsewhere on the card, JJ Gale, who we sit down with next week for an interview ahead of the Copperbox, had an interesting weekend last time out. Whilst in training for the biggest match of his career, opposite Zack Sabre Jr's 'Ichiban Sweet Boy' Kosei Fujita, he answered the call to step up when needed and faced Cameron Khai in the 1865, picking up his fourth singles win of 2023. The 'Heart and Soul of Revolution Wrestling' demonstrated just that against the youngest and one of the quickest athletes in Revolution Pro-Wrestling. This Sunday, though, he has a completely different challenge as he faces 'Heavy Artillery' Joshua James. The Contender will likely come in still feeling his blood boil after Levi Muir put his hands on him last week and JJ will need to be at his best to ensure the summer storm continues for Gale Force. It is also on this card that the previously-planned-for-Southampton showdown between Cameron Khai and Callum Newman goes ahead, after Callum faced off against 'Wild Boar' Mike Hitchman and Undisputed British Cruiserweight Champion Connor Mills in the 1865 which is what led RevPro management to call up JJ. This match simply needs no build - watch 30 seconds of footage of both men and tell me you aren't excited for this one as two future World Champions face off in their formative years. Oh, and the pace will be electric. Obviously. Speaking of the Cruiserweight Champion, he squares off with Samuel Hawkes and Will Kaven faces a huge test in the form of the 'EEEEEEAST End Butcher' Sha Samuels to round off the card. RevPro management have a huge job on their hands making the right match for the Copperbox for Mills out of a wealth of worthy challengers, Sha has the chance to press his claim if he can overcome 'Ruthless' Will Kaven. Of course, a win for Kaven and/or Hawkes could well give us an even bigger headache, with such a thriving Cruiserweight division going into the biggest weekend of in European wrestling history. Wrestling with high stakes; just what we love here at Revolution Pro-Wrestling. And so there we have it, the final stop on the road to the Copper Box, Live In Portsmouth Guildhall, and we have ANOTHER stacked card with the very final spots on the biggest British wrestling show of the decade up for grabs. Join us there at the Guildhall, with tickets still available below and if you cannot be there live, join us from the comfort of home at


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