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New Years Revolution Review - January 10th - G-Live

After New Years Revolution we take a look at what happened on Friday 10th January at the G-Live. You can watch what happened at New Years Revolution here.

1. THE LEGION bully MORE THAN HYPE to victory

MORE THAN HYPE's first match in Revolution Pro saw them take on "the scariest" group in Revolution Pro, THE LEGION. MORE THAN HYPE came out with bundles of energy, immediately getting the crowd on their side. Before the match even started, LEGION member SHA SAMUELS demanded to wrestle "the one with the hair" - LJ CLEARY to start the match. SAMUELS clearly did not realise what he was in for as CLEARY and the rest of MORE THAN HYPE ran rings round SAMUELS to begin with, using their speed and agility to out manoeuver the powerful SAMUELS.

SAMUELS then exited the ring at the first moment he could to recover on the outside with his other LEGION members, however, that did not stop the young Irishmen from their early assault.

However, THE LEGION's experience and under-handed tactics meant they could take control during the match. The tag champs slowed down MORE THAN HYPE and managed to bring the match to their pace, using their strength and brutality to overcome the plucky Irish underdogs.

2. ROBBIE X wins in a match of the night contender to Speedking Champion RICKY KNIGHT JR.

This was a pure high-energy, high-speed contest. With the 'Innovator of Excellence' going up against the champion, he knew he had to pull out all the stops. Both men nearly matching each other in speed and high offense, however, the champ was proving he had a slight edge in power early on in this contest.

After a quick flurry from each competitor, the champ took control, using his slight superiority in strength and height to his advantage. ROBBIE X started to create separation, realising his best way to take down RKJ was going to be using his own momentum throughout.

Both men upped the other in offense throughout the contest. With ROBBIE X trying to hit his handspring cutter, RKJ had it scouted throughout this match. RKJ hit a wonderful superkick and using his strength followed it up with a crucifix powerbomb into a pop-up powerbomb but he still couldn't find the victory he needed.

Both competitor literally hit each other move-for-move, with both hitting Canadian Destoyers on each other, RKJ knew he had to go for something special, going to the top rope before ROBBIE X realised what was going on and moved out of the way as RKJ jumped over him meaning ROBBIE X could finally hit RKJ with his handspring cutter and pick up the victory.

3. TK COOPER topples ROB LIAS in an intense No Disqualification match

Before the match even started, as COOPER was up on the turnbuckle for his entrance, LIAS came flying in, kicking COOPER's legs from under him to send him flying from the turnbuckle. LIAS went straight for the jugular, sending COOPER to the outside. LIAS went under the ring to pull out multiple chairs, throwing them into the ring, before grabbing a kendo stick. COOPER was able to quickly quell the early onslaught from LIAS before LIAS once again took control, using the chairs to his advantage.

Throughout this match, LIAS was always looking to use the weapons nearby to his disposal and win this heated feud by whatever means necessary, he was able to quell many of COOPER's early replies. Perhaps foolishly, LIAS was targetting the head of COOPER, who is known for his strong head. LIAS started to become over-confident during the match, which came back to haunt him. As he set up for his finish, 'Memories in Magaluf' over a chair, COOPER realised what was happening and swiftly reversed it into a Samoan Drop onto the chair. This was the start of the turnaround for COOPER.

Whereas earlier LIAS had a reply for everything COOPER threw his way, now the roles had reversed. A barrage of high-impact moves from COOPER came LIAS' way, including a devasting Spanish fly from the top rope delivered by COOPER nearly kept LIAS down for the three count before he powered out.

LIAS then unloaded on COOPER before going to the back to return with a brick, only to then miss but subsequently hit a low blow on COOPER and hitting the 'Memories of Magaluf' with COOPER only just powering out. LIAS, recovering the brick from the outside received his own low blow from COOPER before attempting to put LIAS through the table, only for LIAS to hit the table, making the table bend rather than break. As a result LIAS' head went straight into the canvas as COOPER could pick up the win.


Before the match started, EL PHANTASMO decided to gift his new light-up sunglasses to a child from the audience, the child entered the ring and PHANTASMO snapped the sunglasses in the child's face, before telling him to get his dad to buy a pair from his merchandise. PHANTASMO had set the mood early.

EL PHANTASMO started the match against OKU, but without hesitation, PHANTASMO tagged out to HIKULEO to "warm-up" on the outside. However, this made little difference, as EL PHANTASMO tagged himself in when he thought HIKULEO had the advantage, only for UMINO and OKU to take control of PHANTASMO's wrist and isolate him from HIKULEO.

The BULLET CLUB then took control as HIKULEO wiped out OKU on the outside and EL PHANTASMO, using his underhanded tactics, gained control over UMINO. UMINO managed to create a break for himself before tagging OKU who then went to town on both members of BULLET CLUB, before locking in the Half-Crab on HIKULEO. Before HIKULEO could tap, PHANTASMO came into interrupt. It took a superkick from PHANTASMO to force OKU to let go of the submission. PHANTASMO and HIKULEO hit two double team maneuvers on OKU, only for the number one contender to PHANTASMO's championship to kick out of the first maneuver and then be saved by UMINO on the second attempt. OKU, reversing PHANTASMO, managed to wipe out both members of the BULLET CLUB before locking in the Half-Crab on EL PHANTASMO and making the Undisputed British Cruiserweight Champion tap out to earn the victory.

5. CARLOS ROMO loses out to a momentum-building DAN MOLONEY

ROMO took this match by the scruff of the neck early on, as the 'Drilla' went for chops on ROMO when pushing him against the ropes, ROMO seemed to take this as an insult and upped the pace of the match, using his speed and technical ability to overcome MOLONEY in the early stages. After sending MOLONEY to the outside, ROMO took a moment to soak in the admiration from the crowd, allowing MOLONEY to recover, to his detriment, as MOLONEY used his strength and intensity to take back control. The momentum throughout this match switched backward and forwards, with both men using their advantages to try and take the upper hand.

After a lot of back and forth, ROMO took control towards the end, looking for the pin after every move, however, no matter what ROMO threw at MOLONEY, he was not staying down. ROMO became visibly frustrated only for him to be caught by MOLONEY, as MOLONEY hit a powerbomb on ROMO for him to kick out but get caught straight into the Drilla bomb for MOLONEY to pick up the win.

6. ZOE LUCAS keeps hold of her 'new and improved bae' to the despair of GISELE SHAW

With the fans clearly on her side, SHAW wanted to get this match underway, however, LUCAS was avoiding SHAW however she could. LUCAS' running away caught up to her tho as SHAW managed to avoid a sly elbow drop from LUCAS as SHAW could gain control. Seeming to have an answer for every reversal LUCAS had, SHAW looked comfortable at the start, knowing the belt was on the line.

A combination of LUCAS' gymnastics background and under-handed tactics allowed her to take back control in this matchup as SHAW started to lose her cool, as LUCAS was getting away with hair pulls and continuous stomps to SHAW. After an onslaught from LUCAS, SHAW seemed to find a second wind, scouting a lot of LUCAS' offense with SHAW playing a very defensive game.

With LUCAS feeling like she could not put down SHAW for the three count and getting visibly irate, LUCAS decided to bring a chair into the ring to strike SHAW with, only for referee OSCAR HARDING to get involved and remove the chair from LUCAS' grasp. He would only be distracted as LUCAS grabbed her title and dished out an unforgiving smack across SHAW's head for the win.

7. THE LEGIONNAIRE defeats SEAN KUSTOM and then reveals himself to be DAVID STARR

With THE LEGIONNAIRE switching places behind the back of the accompanying SHA SAMUELS and LORD GIDEON GREY, no one saw what was coming next.

With the deck stacked against SEAN KUSTOM, he came straight out of the gates at THE LEGIONNAIRE, using his speed and athleticism to his advantage, while taunting THE LEGIONNAIRE and demanding him to take off his mask during the match. A distraction from LORD GIDEON GREY meant THE LEGIONNAIRE sent KUSTOM to the outside, however once back in the ring, KUSTOM once again took control. As KUSTOM looked to go for his brainbuster, THE LEGIONNAIRE backed him against the ropes only for SAMUELS and GREY to beat down on KUSTOM while THE LEGIONNAIRE distracted the referee, before leaping to the outside to accidentally wipe out SAMUELS and GREY, however, looking back, this may not be so accidental. KUSTOM, as a result, was able to take back control before THE LEGIONNAIRE snatched victory with a clothesline we had all seen before...

The rest of THE LEGION then joined SHA SAMUELS and LORD GIDEON GREY who revealed THE LEGIONNAIRE was NO FUN DUNNE, however as he announced this to the audience in attendance, DUNNE came from the back wearing the same apparel but with his mask off. With THE LEGION looking incredibly confused at DUNNE, THE LEGIONNAIRE unmasked himself revealing to be the returning DAVID STARR!

STARR then fought back against THE LEGION before being overcome by the numbers until DUNNE jumped off the top rope to wipe out SAMUELS and RAMPAGE BROWN before THE LEGION then made their way to the back clearly infuriated.

8. A defiant KYLE FLETCHER loses out to the 'Dragon' SHINGO TAKAGI

In what is arguably match of the night, KYLE FLETCHER put in the performance of his singles career as he went toe-to-toe with the 'Dragon' SHINGO TAKAGI.

The strength and experience of TAKAGI showed early on as he took control of FLETCHER, but TAKAGI did not expect the speed as well as the new size advantage of FLETCHER, forcing TAKAGI to go to the outside and regroup and possibly he may have restrategised. TAKAGI goaded FLETCHER to join him on the outside only for it to backfire as FLETCHER busted out an asai moonsault for the first time ever. FLETCHER was not messing about IN this bout as he was willing to pull out all the stops.

After that moonsault, TAKAGI's ruthlessness started to show, realising he had to ground FLETCHER as he drove him into the ring apron from a death valley driver taking away FLETCHER's momentum. Whenever FLETCHER did start to fight back TAKAGI almost enjoyed it, using FLETCHER's own fight to thwart him.

After a ground and pound from TAKAGI, FLETCHER started to really fight back, no matter what TAKAGI was throwing his way, FLETCHER was kicking out, fighting back and powering through with whatever energy he had left. Even after delivering a brainbuster straight to TAKAGI, FLETCHER couldn't quite get the pinfall. TAKAGI also realised it was going to take a lot to keep FLETCHER down as TAKAGI hit him with the 'Made in Japan', only for FLETCHER to still kick out. It took TAKAGI a massive clothesline and a 'Last of the Dragon' to keep FLETCHER down for the three count!

To watch what took place at New Years Revolution click here!

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