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The Unstoppable DAN MOLONEY

Ahead of his mega match with JEFF COBB at York Hall, we look at the ‘Drilla’, DAN MOLONEY and how he has earned his reputation as one of the toughest wrestlers in the Revolution Pro Wrestling roster.

Since his debut, MOLONEY has gone from strength to strength. His heavyweight frame and build making him a formidable match for any foe. This is backed up by the fact he has never been pinned in a RevPro ring. A classic trait of the heavyweight, his toughness is proven whenever a wrestler chops him. Unlike most wrestlers who, at the very least, wince when a chop connects, MOLONEY screams in the face of the opponent, his arms outstretched and allows his opposition to wail on his chest.

MOLONEY’s durability, both mentally and physically, is something to behold. His battle with SHA SAMUELS at Live in Southampton 10 was a bout that exemplified this fact & established Moloney as a major player in Revolution Pro. The ‘Drilla’ hadn’t faced anyone like the ‘East End Butcher’ before. With both wrestlers known for being incredibly stubborn in competition, this was a real test. An all-out brawl ensued, with neither man giving an inch. Each hit the other with blows that would end any other contest but it was on this night that the 'Drilla' would come out on top, hitting his now trademark 'Drilla-bomb' on the former Heavyweight Champion, MOLONEY was able to pick up a win that many didn’t see coming.

Since that victory, the heavyweight kept improving with every match, defeating any and every opponent put in front of him. His singles debut at York Hall was nothing short of magnificent, as MOLONEY, with a taped up right shoulder, proved his toughness once again as he defeated five other wrestlers to pick up the victory in a show-stealing scramble match.

But his biggest test was yet to come.

In Stevenage, at Raw Deal, February 1st, DAN MOLONEY would face his toughest opponent to date, the legendary heavyweight, the war-machine, the man-beast, RHYNO! The ECW and WWE legend was the crowds firm favourite going into this match-up, with the experience and, surprisingly, size edge over MOLONEY. RHYNO had previously won the match up half a decade earlier, however, this was a different MOLONEY, a much improved ‘Drilla’. The two heavyweights matched each other’s resilience, both refusing to stay down. The heavyweight got to a stage in the match where he questioned himself, was he not powerful enough to keep the legend down? He looked for another alternative, finding a steel chair underneath the ring. As he picked up the chair, he looked at it. Looked out to the fans with anguish. The fans screaming “NO”! He knew in his heart using the chair would be wrong. He shook his head, threw the chair down and got back into the ring to finish the match honourably!

The honourable MOLONEY was then hit with a massive Gore, but miraculously, he kicked out, shocking the fans and RHYNO himself. The man from the 0121 showing his grit once again! As the ‘man-beast’ geared up for another Gore, the young heavyweight had it scouted, using the speed advantage and the experience he had gained previously to use RHYNO’s own momentum against him and roll up the ‘war-machine’ for the three-count.

After the match, MOLONEY had solidified the respect of not only the fans in Stevenage, but also from RHYNO himself, with him raising the hand of the ‘Drilla’, proclaiming that “the better man won tonight”. Subsequently, the ‘man-beast’ gave his blessing to the unyielding, heavyweight to use his patented finisher as another weapon in his arsenal to aid him in defeating his opponents.

We first saw this the day after, at Live at the Cockpit 49, as MOLONEY battled HIKULEO. Both men have had problems with each other since the start of 2020, with each of them trying to prove who is the toughest in Revolution Pro. As the ‘Drilla’ looked to end the match, he jeered himself up to launch himself at HIKULEO for the Gore. The ‘Young Gun’ of the Bullet Club, from out of nowhere, grabbed a chair and smacked the man from the 0121, square on top of the head, sending MOLONEY into a daze and causing a disqualification to end the match.

MOLONEY is still yet to be pinned or submitted in Revolution Pro, his persistance unparalleled, the master of the ‘Drilla-bomb’ has consistently proved himself. His match with JEFF COBB coming up however, is a test unlike any he has faced in RevPro before. Will MOLONEY be able to withstand the varying onslaught of COBB and pick up the victory? Or will he prove too much for the ‘Drilla’?

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