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Top 5 Possible Future Undisputed British Heavyweight Champions

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

The Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship has been held by 9 different wrestlers with a total of 13 different reigns from all across the world. In no particular order, we run down our picks for the top five possible future Undisputed British Heavyweight Champions who have not won the belt previously.


The 'Aerial Assassin' is the next challenger for the belt as he takes on ZACK SABRE JR. at New Beginning in Sapporo on Sunday, February 2nd. OSPREAY could be the very first triple-crown champion in Revolution Pro Wrestling if he defeats ZSJ. With OSPREAY winning almost every singles belt he challenged for in 2019, starting off strong at Wrestle Kingdom 13 winning the Never Openweight Championship, and later winning the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship after winning the Best of the Super Juniors tournament, as well as putting in incredible showings in the Junior Tag League with ROBBIE EAGLES, a stellar performance in his debuting G1 Climax, as well as beating DAVID STARR at Summer Sizzler in arguably, Revolution Pro's most important match in its history. 2019 was OSPREAY'S year!

Unfortunately for OSPREAY, 2020 hasn't started so well, with him losing his coveted IWGP Junior Heavyweight title to a returning TAKAHASHI. OSPREAY will want to change his momentum quickly, especially seeing as Revolution Pro clearly means so much to him. Will he change his own momentum and become Revolution Pro's second Triple-Crown champion? Or will the effects of a tiring 2019 schedule take its toll on the Essex high-flyer?


KYLE FLETCHER may be in with an outside shot at challenging for the Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship. The former Undisputed British Tag Team Champion now knows how to win the big one at Revolution Pro, with himself and tag team partner MARK DAVIS having won the tag titles at Epic Encounter 2019 against Suzuki-Gun, with one half of that team now the current Undisputed British Heavyweight Champion.

FLETCHER has grown from strength to strength in singles competition since his partner became severely injured. Although his record is inconsistent, he holds impressive victories over the likes of SHOTA UMINO and MAO, however, even when FLETCHER has lost, he has put in incredible performances, against the likes of HIKULEO and SHINGO TAKAGI. Could FLETCHER's rapid improvement force a title challenge?


Ohh how the LEGION would love this. The 'Dominator', is the only undefeated wrestler in Revolution Pro currently, which is reason enough to suggest he could be in with a title shot at some stage. Since coming to RevPro, O-KHARN has once again teamed up with LORD GIDEON GREY, however, this time GREY has surrounded himself with RAMPAGE BROWN and SHA SAMUELS also.

Since returning to RevPro, O-KHARN hasn't yet had a singles match, however, there is nothing to suggest he would not be able to keep up his undefeated streak with such dominant displays before disappearing in early 2019. If O-KHARN was to get a title shot, it is likely that THE LEGION would also accompany him to the ring, causing distractions and interfering with the match, giving O-KHARN a possible numbers advantage in any singles match.


MOLONEY had an incredible debut year in Revolution Pro. Early on, MOLONEY worked with MK MCKINNAN as a tag team, being relatively successful before moving into singles competition. MOLONEY is yet to lose in a one vs one contest so far, however, he has two massive tests coming up that could determine his 2020. First against RHYNO at Raw Deal on the 1st of February and his second against JEFF COBB at High Stakes on the 14th of February.

If MOLONEY can come out of those matches looking not only impressive but with wins under his belt, he would definitely be in the discussion for a possible title shot.


Arguably, the wrestler most people want to see challenge for the title after OSPREAY, is this man. The current Southside Heavyweight Champion, DAVID STARR came back at New Years Revolution, disguised as THE LEGIONNAIRE, winning the title in the process. Before NYR, STARR was last seen at Revolution Pro walking out of York Hall dejected, after losing his place as a member of the roster in a career vs ownership match against WILL OSPREAY at Summer Sizzler.

With the Southside Heavyweight Championship by STARR's side, and Revolution Pro owner Andy Quildan making it no secret that he wants to merge the Southside and Revolution Pro titles, is this STARR's ticket to finally winning the Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship. If this is STARR's plan, he could become unstuck as he faces LEGION member RAMPAGE BROWN at Live at the Cockpit 49 on February 2nd. After the events of New Years Revolution, THE LEGION will be out for STARR and for that Southside Heavyweight Championship. Will STARR be able to come through against THE LEGION, keep hold of the Southside Heavyweight Championship and be part of the fight to unify the titles?

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