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Weekly Twitter Q&A : Feb 18th

Here's the full transcript from this week's Twitter Q&A If you have a question you would like answered, we do a Q&A every single Friday on Twitter. Follow @RevProUK for more!

When can we expect cards for both St Neots and Stevenage to be announced?

St Neots over the course of today & the weekend. Stevenage some matches early next week, full card after St Neots

#askrevpro would you consider bringing in for the final tour the Hardy Boys....preferably against preferably Kid Lykos&KidLykos2 and/or Ethan Allen&LukeJacobs

If possible of course we would love to

Do all RevPro shows get uploaded to the On Demand facility? If so when can we expect the Southampton show from last week to appear? PS I missed the last two flash sales from RevPro shop, any chance there’s a Mox or Jay White XL knocking about for a tenner still?

Yes they do. Southampton SHOULD be up tomorrow. The sales are just that, 24 hours only on a single item. But they are like clockwork, every Friday... this weeks is a rather nifty ZSJ tee, check it out at

Do you have a visible seating chart for Summer Sizzler? I can’t find any info regarding where each block is located.

You keep threatening me with a good time on commentary, so when are you going to make that match against the WRKHRSE happen? - Gideon Grey

That would not be a good time for you.

Any update on date/location for Queen of the Ring? #AskRevPro

Next week we hope to reveal lots of key dates including QOTR

Is there a viable option to move to seating charts (like cinema & theatre) for future events? You did this during restricted shows but have reverted to normal "block" settings for events which is a pain working out where to sit, especially without any seating plans.

At the moment the automatic nature allocates you the best seat available at that time. Which makes it a lot easier logistically for us when setting up the event. We will endeavour to get seating plans up on each event page to help people make more informed decisions.

The last time you did shows in Sheffield it was a double bill. Was this an experiment and you feel 1 card works better for you or is it venue availability and something you may do again? #AskRevPro

We'll see what happens. We rule nothing out and are constantly looking to learn through experience. The mindset behind these Sheffield shows is to very much make them feature events with real focus.

Can you reveal the york hall date in May? And are there plans for a York hall Show on September 17th? #AskRevPro

We were scheduled to announce this week so here's the scoop via a Twitter Q&A: Sunday May 22nd We will be back in August for our 10 Year Anniversary Shows We hope by the end of next week to give you key dates for many of our events such as J Cup, Queen of Ring etc.

Is there an update on Lio Rush? Apologies if ive already missed it

He won't be ready unfortunately. We hope to have a rescheduled date very soon

#AskRevPro any chance you can reschedule the Sheffield date, I’m on holiday that day?

Any chance you can reschedule your holiday as we're in Sheffield that day?

We’ve rescheduled our family holiday three times, this is our fourth attempt.

If it's been done before it shows it can be done again! In all seriousness, providing this one goes well we shall be back and hopefully we'll be able to see you then!

If you missed out on your chance to have your question answered then make sure to follow us on Twitter and turn on notifications to never miss a Q&A!

We're back at the Priory Centre in St Neots NEXT WEEK featuring the return of the Innovator of Xcellence ROBBIE X ! Tickets for this event our on sale HERE! Keep an eye out on the website or RevPro's socials for match announcements!

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