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Weekly Twitter Q&A : Feb 4th

Here's the full transcript from this week's Twitter Q&A If you have a question you would like answered, we do a Q&A every single Friday on Twitter. Follow @RevProUK for more!

When is the news on the dates for the Sheffield Shows #AskRevPro

Very very very soon!

Is there any update with lio rush after he unfortunately suffered a injury last week at BOLA

No we hope to be able to update after the weekend

Any plans to come to the Midlands? #AskRevPro

We’re working on many different areas. If anyone has any venue suggestions we’re also open to ideas!

Will Mad Kurt be on all the shows (e.g. St Neots, Stevenage) now he's back this weekend? #AskRevPro

All cards will be confirmed and announced closer to the time. He’s apart of the roster so there’s a good chance he’ll be on at least some of the shows in towns mentioned

Can you move that light from the middle of the rig facing the hard cam next time you're at York Hall? It was very distracting on the VOD.

Without knowing exactly what it’s for, don’t know. We will speak with the team & see what’s possible!

When will we find out the date of the next York Hall show? I’m looking forward to it already.

We’re aiming to put something out in the next week with a lot more confirmed dates for the year including york hall shows

Sorry if either have been answered recently or are set to be announced but is the next York Hall date set and is there any news on any shows in Sheffield coming up?

Noting announced yet but returns for YH & Sheffield have been set

Do you still offer training and if so who would I contact regarding this? thanks

Fill out a contact form and we go from there!

Can we have gideon get battered to start every show im sure it gave the crowd what they wanted , plus im sure there are others you can have at the desk

We can put Gideon in wrestling matches and see what happens

Any updates on the next York Hall date? And how does it feel to have had a Brit Wres show with some real international buzz going?

Next date TBA soon along with dates there for the rest of the year.

It feels good to see the hard work we've put in before, during and since lockdown is getting noticed. It helps that we have the most motivated & talented young roster I've ever had. Excited for the future!

Any news on Queen of the Ring tournament? #AskRevPro

We'll confirm dates for 2022 versions of Queen of The Ring, Great British Tag League & British J Cup soon!

When will the card for Southampton next weekend be announced?

Maybe some things we can announce today, but for sure after Sunday's show at the 229.

Don't worry it's going to be a banger!

With @WillOspreay Vs @TheOJMO being one of if not the best match on British soil ever, will we get a rematch at some point?

I think I speak for the entire wrestling world when I say we would love to see it!

Are you still buzzing from #HighStakes22? Thank you for a great event!


Is there any plans to work with other companies? #AskRevPro

We say it all the time, we will work with any company where it makes good business sense for both sides to do so

Will rev pro return to Guildford at some point? #AskRevPro

Not things are starting to settle down we hope our annual Guildford event can return to the calendar

We heard a lot of discontent regarding wait times when purchasing drinks & snacks at the last York Hall High Stakes event. It put us off attempting to go down from the balcony, is there any word on improving this part of the event?

Unfortunately the bar has nothing to do with us. We try to work with them and provide feedback from you guys the best we can and we will continue to do so and hope that it improves.

Thanks for putting up 229 as well as York hall! Can we expect Portsmouth this weekend?

Should be up soon.

Will there be a tournament to determine Ospreay's next challenger for the title?

More will no doubt become clear after this weekend.

If you missed out on your chance to have your question answered then make sure to follow us on Twitter and turn on notifications to never miss a Q&A!

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